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Photo from Hometown website: Previous Hometown event

To help Taste of Key West, a valued once-a-year-event succeed, and to help them in raising needed charitable revenues, Hometown has rescheduled its “Call for Candidates” forum to Monday, April 23, 2018.

Hometown was recently advised by the Taste of Key West that its event and Hometown’s “Call for Candidates” were scheduled for the same date and approximate time; the evening of Monday, April 16.

“The Taste of Key West is an important Key West event that Hometown wants to support —-and Hometown! does not want its valued members and the candidates running for public office not to be able to attend both of these important events in April,” says Todd German, Chair of Hometown!

Hometown Key West’s “Call for Candidates,” now scheduled for Monday, April 23, at 5 pm, will be held at Salute Restaurant at Higgs Beach in Key West. Incumbents and candidates, declared, potential, and possible, will introduce themselves and make short presentations. All candidates are encouraged to bring with them petitions for voters to sign, campaign literature, buttons, T-shirts and other items relating to their campaign. Attendance is free.

Please visit the Hometown website– for more details.

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  1. I’ll be there.

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