Health Department Releases Two Premier Health Guides Featuring Monroe County

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County is happy to showcase the release of two booklets:  Monroe County Community Health Almanac and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  Both are available at  Limited hard copies are available at the Gato Building in Key West.

  • Monroe County Community Health Almanac:  this 40-page document provides reader-friendly information about conditions that impact the health of the Florida Keys as a community and the myriad of interrelated factors that influence these conditions.  The almanac also describes the components that define living in the Keys and the effects of choices made (or not) and the results of actions taken (or not).  Electronic edition here:
  • Community Health Improvement Plan:  this 100-page guide provides the health and demographic information of each area—or microcommunity—of the Florida Keys.  It includes data from census, housing status, ethnicity, and income data, all of which can impact a person’s health.  The guide also contains local insights into the facets of public health in our community, including age-adjusted death rates, life expectancy, and common risk factors for the leading causes of death in Monroe County.  Electronic edition here:

For more information, call 305-809-5607 or email [email protected]

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