Gay Bashing in Key West’s ‘One Human Family’: A United States Problem Likely to Increase

Martha K. Huggins, Ph.D……

I was deeply moved and angered by the violence against two gay men in Key West in the early hours of Wednesday, February 23, 2017. Biking home after dinner, an unknown man on a moped verbally threatened Key West’s Kevin Seymour and Kevin Paul Taylor and then physically assaulted Mr. Seymour by using his motor scooter as a lethal weapon.  The incident report taken at the scene by KWPD officer, Brett T. Dehanas,  at 12:58 am states that the offense perpetrated against Kevin Douglas Seymour was, “Battery Aggravated.”  The man, now known as Brandon Ray Davis, ran his “Eclipse Brand,” black motor scooter into the tire of Mr. Seymour’s bicycle, causing his bike to fall over along with Mr. Seymour, who indicated to KWPD Officer Dehanas that he had not gotten hurt by the fall.

But before that happened, according to Mr. Seymour’s incident report testimony, “the suspect [had begun] to make inappropriate statements regarding his [Seymour’s] sexual orientation:  “You just left 801.” “Do you need to suck my dick?”  “You guys are a couple of fags.”  Shortly after that “the suspect”— Brandon Ray Davis —ran his moped into the tire of Mr. Seymour’s bicycle. When Seymour stated that he was going to call 911, “the suspect said, “If you do that I’ll cut you up.”  A witness at the scene confirmed in a sworn statement many of the facts as stated by Mr. Seymour.

News media across the United States[i] reported the hate violence in Key West suffered by Messrs Seymour and Taylor.  The national LGBT news site (LGBT Nation) and The Advocate, both with substantial readerships, featured Key West’s “hate incident” that cannot officially be called a “hate crime,” until designated as such by a prosecutor and litigated as such. Nevertheless, Key West cannot put the “hate incident” Genie back in the bottle now that numerous US news media outlets have reported about Key West’s hate crime.  As I will suggest in my policy statement at the end of this article, Key West and Monroe County governments must collaborate with civil society groups at the state, county, and city levels to produce and then issue a joint statement about the city and county’s commitment to diversity and to the safety of all the diverse people who are part of  Key West’s “One Human Family.”  And our city must announce publicly its policy of, “No Impunity for those who perpetrate ‘Hate Incidents’.”

No Impunity so far.  The white male tourist from Richlands, North Carolina,  Brandon Ray Davis, who called two gay KeyWesters “fags,” and then threatened physical violence against one of them, and subsequently used  physical violence against one of them (confirmed in police incident report),  has been located by Key West police working together with law enforcement partners in North Carolina. And Key West spokesperson, Alyson Crean,  reports that KWPD “Detectives [have] obtained the extraditable warrant for a felony charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon….The charge is enhanced due to the fact that Davis attacked the Key West men based upon their sexual orientation.  Probable cause exists to believe there was evidence of prejudice in Davis’s attack of Seymour.”  See Ms. Crean’s full press release here.

Fingers crossed that the legal foundation is set for Brandon Ray Davis to be charged with a “hate crime,” defined by the Federal  Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” According to the FBI, “The victim of a hate crime may be an individual, a business, an institution, or society as a whole.”[ii] The Bureau adds that “Hate itself is not a crime—the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties.”[iii] However, and I am adding this, acting on one’s hatred is actionable–‘Your right to hit another person stops with that person’s nose.’

What happened in Key West Is Not Exceptional

The homophobic “hate incident” that occurred recently in Key West is unfortunately a painful national reality:  It cannot be written off as unique: “Every hour, a crime motivated by the perpetrator’s bias against the victim occurs in the United States. These hate crimes terrorize whole communities by making members of certain classes–whether racial minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, religious minorities or people who are perceived to be members of these groups–afraid to live in certain places and be free to move about in their community and across the country.” The Human Rights Campaign,[iv] pointing to US Federal Hate Crime legislation, “The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (Public Law No. 111-84) that exists for those who perpetrate “hate crimes.”

Equality Florida reports that, “according to the Florida Attorney General “Race-hatred  is still the most common motivation for a hate crime, followed by  “sexual orientation- hatred”—the latter,  accounting for 22% of Florida’s hate crimes, followed religious bias “hate incidents.”  Equality Florida goes on to point out that “when taking into account the size of the [above three] targeted communities, LGBT Floridians are at the highest risk of being targeted with a hate crime.”[v] According to the FBI, in 2015, “There were 5,818…bias incidents [in the United States] involving 7,121 victims. Of these victims, 59.2 percent were targeted because of a race/ethnicity/ancestry bias; 19.7 percent because of a religious bias; [18.7] percent because of a sexual orientation [or] gender identity bias; 1.2 percent because of a disability bias; and 0.4 percent because of a gender [for being a woman for a man] bias.”  Two recent research projects—one by the media organization, ThinkProgress, and the other by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), have found  an up-swing in “hate incidents” since the November, 2016 election of  Donald J. Trump.

ThinkProgress, using media accounts of  reported “hate incidents” that occurred between November 9 and 18, 2016,  found 261 hate crime “incidents” in the United States.    In forty-two percent of these–109 of the “hate incidents”—the perpetrator made specific references to Trump, his election, or his policies.”  As when in Key West, Messers Seymor and Taylor reported that the perpetrator of the “hate incident” against them had said, “you voted for Hillary…,Well you live in Trump country now.”  Nationally, the number of “hate incidents,” where a perpetrator  links his or her hate actions to Donald Trump or his government,  is even larger than ThinkProgress,  has discovered.  A similar ten-day study of “hate incidents” in the United States between November 9 through 18, 2016, carried out by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), came up with  867 post-Trump election “hate incidents.”  The SPLC data are derived from two sources — submissions to the Center’s website page, #ReportHate,  and from media accounts, the latter were the primary data source for ThinkProgress. The Southern Poverty Law Center limited its data to what it called, “real-world events”—its data do not include online harassment– and SPLC excluded those “hate incidents” that authorities had determined to be “hoaxes.”[vi] Both post-trump election samples—each covering short time-spans (ten days) and one,  ThinkProgress, having a smaller victim sample (261) than the other (SPLC with 867 victims)—came up an important finding.[vii] : The prevalence of a perpetrator’s citing the election of Donald Trump or the policies of his government as somehow justifying his or her violence against a particular group or person.

Who Was Targeted?  This question is answered using the Southern Poverty Law Center’s data. In the SPLC data  for the US as a whole, of  the 867 “hate incidents,” Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Black, and Anti-Jewish hatred headed the list in that order;   anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim, and Anti-Women incidents followed in that order.  Immigrants, the group most subjected to a ‘hate incident,’ constituted  32% of all such  incidents during the ten-day period studied by the Southern Poverty Law Center.    In a recent example of  one such immigrant-related ‘hate incident,’ which was not included in the SPLC study because it occurred after the SPLC’s research period, two engineers from India –working and studying in the US legally–were shot while relaxing after work in a small town Kansas bar.  The perpetrator, Adam Purinton, assuming that the two Indian men “were Iranians,” yelled,  “Get out of my country.” Training his rifle on  Alok Madasani and Srinivas Kuchibhotla Mr. Purington began shooting:  Srinivas Kuchibhotla later died; Alok Madasani was hospitalized with serious injuries.  Ian Grillot, a 24-year-old American who tried to defend the two men against the shooter, was also injured in the violent attack.  Mr. Purington has been charged with murder and attempted murder following the ‘hate incident.’[viii]

According to FBI data on “Hate Crimes”– its label, not mine– in 2015, 5,818 such crimes were reported to them by local US law enforcement agencies. But since the FBI does not use the label “immigrant” there is no direct comparability between the SPLC research findings and the FBI’s statistics,

Blacks were 22% of those who suffered a ‘hate incident’ in the United States, according to the SPLC study.  One such case, not a part of the SPLC study, involved the violent murder of an African American man on June 26, 2011, when James Anderson, a Black homeless man, was brutally beaten,  robbed,  and then intentionally run over by a Ford F250 truck.  Left in a parking lot to die, the six young men and two women who killed James Anderson, “beat [him] repeatedly, yelling racial epithets including ‘white power.’ After the group had bludgeoned their ‘prey,’ Deryl Paul Dedmon, one twenty-something member of the eight  person group, drove his Ford F-250 truck over James Anderson, boasting, ‘I ran that n***** over.’” [ix]  James Anderson’s assault in a Jackson, Mississippi hotel’s parking lot, where he had been sleeping, was caught on a hotel surveillance camera.

The group’s two, twenty-one year old, women were its ring leaders. They and all other group members lived in a predominately white county sixteen miles from Jackson, Mississippi where the hate crime was perpetrated. Shelbie Brooke Richards and Sarah Adelia Graves admitted to having carried out “a scheme to target African Americans…for violent assaults with dangerous weapons,” [x] including “beer bottles, sling shots and a motor vehicle to cause and attempt to cause bodily injury to African-Americans.[xi]  The women stated that they “specifically target[ed] African-Americans they believed to be homeless or under the influence of alcohol because…such individuals would be less likely to report an assault….”[xii]   The two women “pleaded guilty to federal hate crime charges in connection with a series of racially-motivated assaults on African Americans, which culminated in the death of James Anderson.  Deryl Paul Dedmon, who had driven his truck over Mr. Anderson,  was sentenced to life in prison for the murder. The women, who are now serving prison time for their hate crime, “admit they encouraged their co-conspirators to go with them to assault ‘n******’ on the night that Anderson was killed.”

According to 2015 Federal Bureau of Investigation data,  among the 5,818 victims of “hate crimes” registered in 2015, the largest percentage, fifty-seven percent (3,310), had been targeted because of their “race.”  In the SPLC study, “Blacks” were second to “immigrants” for having been targeted.  (One wishes that the SPLC had used the same data compilation categories as the FBI!)

Jewish hatred represented 12% of the post-Trump election hate crimes recorded in 2017 by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Enriching the SPLC findings, the FBI figures for the US in 2015, show that “hate crimes motivated by religious bias” accounted for 21% (1244) of all US hate incidents in that year.  As for the religions most commonly targeted, the FBI’s statistics[xiii] show  that anti-Jewish “hate crimes” accounted in 2015 for over half (53%) of the religious hate incidents; anti-Muslim violence ranked second.  The  violence against Jews, involved vandalism, bomb threats, and damage or destruction of  Jewish owned property.  For example, In 2015, “Vandals broke… and overturned more than 500 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia….”  Hundreds of headstones, some of them more than 100 years old, were cut in half.[xiv]  In addition, over 100 Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) were “targeted by bomb threats, from Davie, Florida, and Long Island, New York, to Owings Mills, Maryland and Las Vegas, Nevada. [xv]

LGBTQ–Lesbians, Gays, Bi- and Poly-Sexuals, Transsexuals,  gender non-conforming people, and those defining themselves as “Queer,” together were subjected in 2015 to 11% of all US “hate incidents,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ten-day post-Trump election study.  Nationally, in 2015, according to FBI “hate crime” statistics for those targeted for their diverse sexualities, and/or  for being transsexuals, or gender non-confirming, represented 20% of those targeted by a “hate crime.”  Gay men were most likely, according to the FBI’s 2015 statistics on “hate crimes” to be victims of  such a crime, followed by “hate crimes” against lesbians. In one of the latter cases, on September 28, 2016, over  four years after a horrific “hate” attack against a teenage lesbian couple in South Texas, a jury “found 30-year-old David Malcom Stickland guilty of capital murder and aggravated sexual assault in connection with the crime.” The attack, “which many suspected to be an anti-gay hate crime,” was not handled as such by the court even though Strickland had sexually assaulted both women “before shooting them in the head execution style, at a park in Portland, Texas, [on] June 2012.”   Bird-watchers discovered the young women stacked on top of each other the next morning. One of the women, [Mollie] Olgin, 19, “died from her injuries, but [Kristene] Chapa, then 18, somehow survived and has undergone a painstaking recovery that allowed her to begin college [in 2015].” Strickland was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.[xvi]

“Hate Crimes” against transgender people in the US saw a three-fold increase in violence and threats between 2013 and 2014.[xvii] According to the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy organization (11/18/2016), “at least 21 transgender Americans have been killed so far in 2016, [with such killings] coming at a time of heightened uncertainty for the LGBTQ community.”[xviii] FBI statistics on violence against transsexuals and gender non-conforming people, for 2013 and 2015, show a 260%  increase in lethal “hate crimes against this segment of ‘despised sexualities.’

Muslims—Islamophobia,  in  research by the Southern Poverty Law Center, accounted for  6% of the hate incidents during  the 2017 ten-day study. Preliminary data from research by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) indicates that, “2017 is on track to be the second-worst year on record when it comes to mosque attacks.”[xix]  On February 28, 2017 news spread that, as one headline read, “Four Mosques Have Burned In Seven Weeks:  On January 7, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis, in Austin, Texas…caught on fire. A week later, on January 14, the Islamic Center of Eastside, in Bellevue, Washington, burned. Two weeks after that, on January 27, several hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, a fire destroyed the Islamic Center of Victoria, in Texas. Then, this past Friday, February 24, a small blaze broke out at the front entrance of the Daarus Salaam Mosque, near Tampa, Florida. Authorities have ruled that three of the four fires were caused by arson. An official at the Travis County Fire Marshal told BuzzFeed News that the investigation into the cause of the fire at the Islamic Center of Lake Travis remains open.On Sunday [February, 26] somebody threw a rock through a window of the Masjid Abu Bakr mosque in Denver. In Redmond, Washington, vandals destroyed the Muslim Association of Puget Sound mosque’s entrance sign…. Two days after the Inauguration, a woman shattered the windows of the Davis Islamic Center, in California, and left strips of raw bacon on a door handle.”[xx]

Women.  Five percent of “hate incidents” discovered in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s 2017 study were against women.  Examples summarized for the United States, not a part of the SPLC study, include two cases of gang rape:  Case 1:  A Steubenville High School rape occurred in Steubenville, Ohio[xxi] on the night of August 11, 2012, when a high-school girl, incapacitated by alcohol, was publicly and repeatedly sexually assaulted by her peers, several of whom documented the acts on social media. The victim was transported, undressed, photographed, and sexually assaulted. She was also penetrated vaginally by other students’ fingers (digital penetration), an act defined as rape under Ohio law. Case 2: The alleged gang rape of an 11-year-old girl by at least 18 boys in a tiny Texas town [xxii];  all defendants arrested were African-American and the victim is Hispanic. The rape, that allegedly occurred in November, 2011, with suspects ranging in age from 14 to 26, included perpetrators who were stars on their high school’s basketball team; one of them the son of a school board member. Both hate crimes against young women—that is, under-age girls–were compounded by their parents’ and friends actively working to hide information about the rapes from authorities.

The remaining category of “hate incidents” includes combinations of different vulnerable categories,  equaling twelve percent of  the “Hate Crimes” found in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s research.

Policy Suggestions for Monroe County and Key West

  1. Monroe County and Key West Commissioners must draft a proclamation, to be issued by these Lower Keys County and City governments, stating  their  joint position regarding ‘hate incidents and those who perpetrate them: “Monroe County and Key West governments condemn all “hate incidents.”  Such crimes will be investigated and where probable cause exists, prosecuted.”
  2. Post a notice in the bathrooms of every Monroe County bar, restaurant, or club—much like the signs in some states warning women that ‘pregnancy and liquor do not mix’—that “Monroe County and Key West governments take hate crimes very seriously,” followed a short definition of a hate crime;
  3. Equality Florida addresses “the epidemic of hate crimes” in three ways that might be entertained by Monroe County’s wealth of civil society organizations that focus on the human rights of groups vulnerable to “hate incidents”:
  4. Rally community and faith leaders, as well as our members, to stand up to hate crimes every time they occur. Delivering a loud and public community-based response that hate crimes are completely unacceptable is a critical part of our effort in responding to such a tragedy.
  5. Ensure local law enforcement and prosecutors treat hate crimes victims with dignity while investigating and prosecuting their attackers.
  6. Work with LGBT and mainstream media to educate the public on the existence and impact of hate crimes and the disproportionate way the LGBT community is targeted.

Breaking News:  Dear readers of my article on policing the homeless in Key West (and the threat matrix).  Please read Police Chief Donie Lee’s memorandum [click here] regarding the actions taken by the KWPD in the case of the February 4, 2017 arrest of Kristopher Knight at Publix. I thank Chief Lee for the feedback and while I do not agree with all of the outcomes, I am content that something was done.  I invite Chief Lee to read all of your comments in response to my article.  These can be found below the post for my article on the Blue Paper’s Face book page as well as in last week’s  Blue Paper:  You have all weighed-in with excellent ideas and suggestions.  I hope  to hear your comments about Chief Lee’s actions in this case of homeless policing. Thank you, Martha Huggins


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[vii]  Most crime data is incomplete, with data on “hate incidents” against LGBTQ  people perhaps the most  incomplete of all.  People in general fail to report crimes; gays, lesbians, and gander non-conforming people, and transsexuals are sometimes very reluctant to report a hate crimes against them:  They may not be ‘out’ and fear reporting because they  may be ‘outed’ by doing so. They, gender non-conforming people,  and transsexuals,  may fear that they will find police to be unsupportive of their reporting violence against them. What ever the reason, the US Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 2/3 of all hate crimes are not reported to local police or Sheriffs.[vii]





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21 thoughts on “Gay Bashing in Key West’s ‘One Human Family’: A United States Problem Likely to Increase

  1. Boo-hoo, he fell off his bike and scraped his knee. Awwwww.

    Meanwhile, this is what our children are being forced to witness on a daily basis in this country.

    And let’s not overlook that Disney just put out “their first gay kiss” in their new Beauty and the Baphomet movie.

    And of course we shouldn’t speak about or advocate for the millions of children that are being MURDERED by US armed forces around the world. No, that’s not noteworthy for “Dr.” Huggins as she makes no $ off of reporting on that. Just apparently made her living off of promoting and defending those who are against the natural order of LIFE.

    Got any tips for people dealing with their gay bowel syndrome, Ms. Huggins?

    1. I cannot relate as an academic to rambling hateful anger. And I cannot respond to a research report ( as you posted previously) pieced together by Tony Perkins’ American Family Council, a documented hate group, to justify their hatred. I suggest that you deeply examine your fixation with homosexuality. Martha

      1. ac·a·dem·ic: not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.

        Please pinpoint what you are referring to as “rambling hateful anger”.

        Just because you may hold fast to your personal agenda does not necessarily mean that what others research and write is incorrect or hatred. If you have other research which rebuffs the statistics that are put forth by the past articles I posted, THEN SHOW IT.

        Who was it that documented the American Family Council as a “hate group”? I want names. Of course anyone who advocates for strong family values is deemed a hate group in this sick, upsidedown world we are living in.

        If you are so wrapped up in your monetary gain and denial of natural law to not see the purposeful agenda being wrought on our youth to have them question the very essence of LIFE, as homosexuals CANNOT REPRODUCE and to have them think they are HEROS for having the “courage” to CHOP OFF THEIR BODY PARTS, then you need stronger glasses “Doctor”.

        I suggest that YOU deeply examine your fixation with homosexuality.

  2. To not be gay tolerant in Key West is hard to believe. This is a city we enjoy because of the non judgement type attitude. Was no reason for this to happen. Maybe the problem is the man has never seen gay men holding hands or kissing in public. Had he researched KW before visiting then maybe would stayed home. Yes this clearly was a hate crime. We can only hope some time behind bars teaches him something. People need to get over hating others. Have never in 43 years of visiting KW had a problem with any bi or gay men.

    1. The incident does not merit nationwide attention and simply by the fact that it has garnered such attention proves that very little serious “hate” crime is being perpetrated against the LBGTXYZ community.

      1. As far as what kids see yes must agree it is too much but often falls to within legal limits. Look at what kids see walking past the Duval gay bars every afternoon and evening. Men in underwear standing outside or on a bar dancing and getting dollar bills or dressed as women. And far worse for Fantasy Fest but all or most just within the law as not exposed. And I am fine with that because it is part of what KW is about.
        Just where would you like to set the limits ?

        1. I agree with you as far as Key West goes as it is well known as a gay enclave but persons such as “Dr” Huggins would wish this behavior to infiltrate into all towns and cities worldwide.

          If one does not wish for their children to witness grown men dressed in nothing but g-strings walking their almost naked “human dogs” on leashes down the middle of the street, then I guess we need to never let our children go outside.

          1. We are almost on same page. I too never wanted our kids to see such actions on a public street. I warn everyone not to take kids to Fantasy Fest. Yes we attend every year but it dam sure is not for kids. They might see almost anything. Even warn families on other dates to stay away from the 700 and 800 blocks unless they don’t care what the kids might see. Am fine with gays and x dressers, some actually pass ass sexy girls. Just not something kids should see. If a teen is curious they have the internet. But this case had nothing to do with kids. It was all about a straight guy unable or willing to deal with gays. To me it was clearly a hate crime. No other way to view it.

    2. Yes, Jiminkeywest, I am stunned by all of the hatred. While it seems to have been nurtured by a recent political hate climate that rendered speaking out publicly against some groups, Okay, clearly the hatred had been there for a long time already. So what can be done now? I am clueless, except to say that each known case must be addressed legally. Thanks, your comments make me think. Martha

      1. That is all we can do about any illegal crime. We at best punish the few caught. I was raised by parents that were cut racist and dam sure not tolerant of gays. Learned early to just not talk about any black friends or bi ones. As Catholic was not even allowed to date a non Catholic.
        Some will never outgrow hatred

  3. And where is your hate crime category for serious violent crime perpetrated against WHITE people? I can show you hundreds of VIDEOS (not opinion) on Black gang violence on White youth and adults. Doesn’t fit your agenda I suppose.

    Here are a few:

  4. Actually the cop needs to add a few charges such as leaving the seen of an accident involving property damage and injury. That could remove his drivers license.

  5. Dear Sister: to make your case that Blacks brutalize Whites more than the other way around, you need first to use only hate crime incidents, which is what my piece is about, Then you need to calculate the rates for each group of hate crime victims. Comparing rates will show that Blacks are 2 or3 times more likely to be a hate crime victim perpetrated by a White than the other way around. Be aware that hand picking cases to “prove” your bias is just that, bias, not science. I suggest that since you are obsessed with anal sex and its consequences for the bowel that toy look at rates of heterosexual anal sex, including among married couples, and then look at their rates of bowel syndrome. Heck at least it will be titilating research for you. My goodness, I go years at a time never thinking about other people’s sex lives. Martha

  6. Actually we are seeing more people being open about being gay. In the 70’s if a teen boy or man was bi or gay he dam sure kept it secret or would been beat up. Perhaps part of the problem is the internet and being open about it. Do others remember boys and men in the 70’s wearing speedo’s and nothing was said about it. Now they are scared to wear a speedo because others will assume they are gay. We all need to stop judging each other as to sexual preference or race. Is no need to hate others. If you see 2 men together and it upsets you just ignore them. They seldom hit on straight men. Am sure in some southern states gays are still in danger of straight men that just can’t let others make a choice. We are looking forward to gay pride week again. Not sure if gay bashing will ever stop but if they get some jail time just maybe they will think before acting.

    1. I’m sorry Jim but if you do not understand that there is an overt, purposeful, hard-core push by our ruling class through their media and “education” system to not only sexualize children at a younger and younger age but to confuse them so much as to have them denounce their gender and CHOP OFF THEIR BODY PARTS, then you are not paying attention! This is the pre-cursor to Transhumanism.

      It is also WELL DOCUMENTED that many men who identity as gay have been sexually abused by adult males when they were children and the cycle perpetuates.

      1. I do understand that sister but has nothing to do with this case.
        Yes kids are subject to far too much in the open public and internet. It is making it hard for parents to keep them from seeing such but lets face reality , if you choose to raise a family in KW then your kids WILL see this sort of thing if they are near Duval st. I am open minded but some of what we see is far out of line. Seeing men stripping by simply walking on the sidewalk is a bit too much and often they are even outside standing in underwear. Dam sure not what kids should be seeing. But legally they are covered and is part of the charm of Key West. A man could walk down the street in panties and be legal. In some towns this would be called disturbing the piece but not in KW.

  7. Dear Martha, to make a case that your fbi statistics are based in fact, you must first understand that like all other aspects of our laws, the ruling of a crime being labeled a “hate crime”, is completely arbitrary and left up to those with their own bias and agendas. You must also understand the the fbi does not list Hispanic as a race and categorizes Hispanics under the White category. How do you think this skews your statistics?

    Interesting how you had to dig up a hate crime against a black individual from 2011 while there are hundreds if not thousands of violent and fatal abuses of white people by black people yearly in this country. You can titillate yourself by reading about some of them here:

    Gay Bowel Syndrome is a real and serious medical condition for the gay male community and I am sure less prevalent among heterosexual couples. Really not something to pooh-pooh…

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