Oct 272017

On October 10, 2017 the First District Court of Appeals heard FIRM’S arguments that the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) acted contrary to Florida law in denying FIRM’s request for an Administrative Hearing concerning the wind insurance rate setting process for Monroe County.

FIRM has long believed that the rate setting method used by Citizens Property Insurance (CPIC) and approved by OIR is flawed in many respects and particularly as it is applied to Monroe County.

The proceedings can be viewed on the FIRM website, FIRMKeys.org. It may take several months for the court to issue an opinion. FIRM is represented by the offices of Oertel, Fernandez, Atkinson and Bryant in Tallahassee.

Legal challenges are expensive. If you believe, as FIRM does, that wind insurance rates in Monroe County are excessive and unfair, please consider donating to FIRM. To donate and/or see the legal documents issued to date go to FIRMKeys.org.

Contact: Mel Montagne, President, Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe, Inc.
422 Fleming Street, Room 5
Key West, FL 33040

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