Feds Currently Investigating In-Custody Death of Charles Eimers

The Department of Justice sends word to CRB that they are currently investigating the Thanksgiving 2013 in-custody death of Charles Eimers.

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13 thoughts on “Feds Currently Investigating In-Custody Death of Charles Eimers

  1. Would be nice to see just what evidence the CRB summitted to the Feds. After the way the city of Key West and FDLE as well as the KWPD I must say all trust is gone. It is very clear everyone from Mayor Cates to chief Lee are part of this cover up. They got off way to easy for 900k. Should we trust the CRB to provide all of the evidence. How can anyone watch the vidio of Mr Eimers getting out of his PT Cruser , walking (not running) going about 10 feet and laying himself face down in the sand arm out as being anything but a pieceful surender. All that was needed was the first cop to handcuff him. It looks like the boys wanted some fun. Normal reflex will cause anyone to jerk if you grab them and inflict pain. They wanted him to resist.

    Find it refreshing that CBS prodcasted this. Are the tax payers paying attention ? Any time something as major as murder by a cop is shown to the world the opinion of Key West is harmed. Each and every property owner just lost value. Your city depends on retirees and tourists. The image is very damding lately with murder of Eimers, arresting people like dog lady, cavity searches in public, scaring a 9 year old black girl by pointing guns at her, tasering a man on a bycycle for running a stop sign. The list goes on.

    The only chance of a future is to vote every dam elected official out of office.
    Would think the citizens would have started a pation demanding chief Lee to resign.

    The article on support the BLUE made me think of the BLUE PAPER and I would gladly support seeing that bumper sticker. Anyone that would support the other sticker is a fool.

    Caution to all tourists and residents, keep your cell phone cam ready to take vidio and arm your car 360 degrees to do the same. Take a good look at S.C. and what they do with cops that kill.

    Keep up the good work , the BLUE PAPER is needed.

  2. imo feds want a police state and it will not surprise me that they will return a ‘clean’ bill of health to the police in the eimers case touching on a little more training of course. cha cha cha

  3. One would think after the Bubba Bust 30 years ago, the KWPD would get over this attitude that they can do as they damn well please. Obviously, that is NOT the case, however.

    What I can’t understand is why these officers are still employed, after lying to a grand jury, under oath. And why were they not charged with perjury and why was there not a new grand jury investigation given that it was proven that the officers lied.

    Another thing that I don’t understand is how the FDLE’s Kathy Smith and her ex-husband are still employed (more or less) with money provided by taxpayers when they have clearly committed mortgage fraud.

    And finally, the State Attorney is culpable as well. She knew that there was another video out there yet she chose not to mention it to the grand jury.

    Why in the world does this happen? Every element in this case is a total failure by our city and by the state and county officials to do the right thing.

    My husband and I have never had a legal issue and we’re considered upstanding, honest citizens. But I’ve told him and he’s told me the same: if there is EVER an innocent run-in with the KWPD or for that matter, the MCSO, start to video the encounter and do anything they say. They WILL kill you if they so choose. In Key West, it’s not racially motivated. The KW cop-bullies have disdain for all citizens, equally.

    As for ‘Support the Blue’? Seriously? I would NEVER support them. Even on minor issues, their sloppy paperwork and lazy handling of all issues ends up costing honest citizens money. And then there’s poor Matthew Murphy and his fiance. They’ve lost far more than money.

    1. They would not need a bumper stick asking for support if the department had an honerable chief that was not scared to fire thugs. It would be priceless to be able to see chief Lee tell thug Luvette he is fired.. My only hope is that the feds see this as what it was, a flat out misuse of a badge and murder. If purjury is allowed then I have lost all respect for the legal system. After they finish I think we will see several cops and Lee resign. Chief Lee looks a lot like Barney Fife and acts just like him.

    2. Sue, if the prosecutor were to charge the police, the police all over florida will retaliate against the law industry. This is how it works.The police would stop issuing summonses and making arrest for non violent offences. What this tactic would do is empty the courthouses of paying customers for both the court, state and most important,the local lawyer industry.

      We have to stick together and support the opponent of this prosecutor.We also have to boycott their law practice and promote the boycott when and if the return to their law practice.This will send a chill down their spines .We know this works because we have done this in other parts of the country where these types of injustices have occurred..

      The prosecutors often protect the police with the grand jury by omitting evidence such as the videos and witnesses

  4. The Federal reply states that Mr. Eimers was injured on 2/28/14 resulting in his death on 12/4/14. I thought that he passed away at the scene??

  5. Lets give the feds plenty of time to do this investigation. Be fair , there are many hours of vidio and interviews needed before they can rule. Have never seen such a sloppy coverup in my life. In the end Lovette will be in prison and if lucky Lee will be out of office. The vidios alone are enough to convict.

  6. This entire event seems Orwellian, with the police chief, mayor and county attorney all repeating so many times “KWPD followed procedure” ….yet Charles Eimers is dead!!! What procedure are they referring to…murder?
    The only conclusion anyone who has watched those videos can have is his death was caused directly by the actions of the KW cops.
    The family should never have settled for $900k.

    1. I agree they settled for far too little. Had it gone to trial they would have got a few million and thenKW had to pay the balance. That would got voters attention when taxes went up.
      People are watching and the reputation of KW future are at risk. We will not be buying anything in KW with such a cloudy future of property values. We can’t undo the death but we can prevent another by firing the thugs.

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