Fatal Scooter Crash Wednesday

A 32-year old New Hampshire woman was killed Wednesday night when a scooter she was riding skidded and fell into the path of an oncoming truck on North Roosevelt Blvd.

The crash occurred November 22 at 5:25 p.m. when a group of three scooters made a right turn out of the Marriott Beachside. The last scooter was driven by Casey McCormack, 32.  Lindsey A. Degon was his passenger. As McCormack made the turn into the roadway, he lost control of the scooter and he and Degon fell into the road.

As the scooters pulled into the North Roosevelt, the driver of a Dodge Ram – Bradley John Valek, 55, of Key West — saw the scooters and switched lanes to avoid them. However, when McCormack dropped the scooter, the front bumper of the truck struck McCormack and Degon. Degon then went under the truck.

Rescue transported both victims to Lower Keys Medical Center, where Degon was later pronounced dead. McCormack remains in the hospital in stable condition.

The inbound lanes of North Roosevelt Blvd. were closed for several hours during the crash investigation.


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