Families and Detectives Seek Help in Search for Missing Persons

Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives are looking for several people who went missing over the past year in the Florida Keys. Families continue to hope and pray for information about Paul Murray, Albert Bosco, Robin Ford and Mike Wegrzyn. If you have any information regarding Paul Murray, Albert Bosco, or Robin Ford please contact Major Crimes Detective Bob Dosh at 305-289-2351 or 2410.  If you have information regarding Mike Wegrzyn please call Marathon Detective Barios at 305-289-2430.

Detectives Still Trying To Find Missing Man One Year Later

Paul Thomas Murray

Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives are still looking for a man who went missing in June of last year.

48 year old Paul Thomas Murray lived on board a boat in Boot Key Harbor. Detectives say he was last seen on June 16th by friends.

Investigations indicate he was planning to help a man named Donny Vanaria move his sailboat from Robbie’s Marina on Stock Island to Boot Key Harbor in Marathon. The sailboat, called the “Hornet” was found grounded on some rocks near Robbie’s Marine. No one was on board. Witnesses say Vanaria left town shortly afterward. Detectives have not been able to locate Vanaria to interview him about what may have happened.

Since that time, detectives say they have not found anyone who has seen or heard from Murray. There has been no activity on his bank accounts or social media accounts. He has not been in contact with any family members, including his children.

Anyone who knows anything about Murray that might help find him, or find out what happened to him, should contact Major Crimes Detective Bob Dosh at 305-289-2410.


Detectives Say Man Still Missing After One Year

Albert Bosco

A Marathon man whose daughter reported him missing in September of last year is still missing. Detectives say anyone with information should call them.

The daughter of the missing man, Albert Bosco, called the Sheriff’s Office in September. She told investigators she believed her father had been missing since June of 2016. She said she has been unable to find any family or friends who had heard from him since then. Bosco would be 72 years old this year; he lived on a boat in Boot Key Harbor.

Detectives located Bosco’s boat. There were no signs of a struggle on board and no signs of where Bosco might be. Detectives have been unable to find anyone who has seen Bosco or who knows anything about where he might be or what may have happened to him.

Anyone who has any information should contact Major Crimes Detective Bob Dosh at 305-289-2351.



Message from Robin’s family [Facebook]:

What we know!
Saturday August 27, 2016 Robin was fed up with her boyfriend Danny Malone, she suspected that he was seeing an old fling that came back to the island, witness said she was screaming and yelling at him that night and she has not been heard from since.
Monday Robin did not show up for a meeting, nor on Tuesday for a DUI.
Her friend Lizanne Woods stated that she gave Ro Fo a plane ticket to fly via #DELTA from #MIAMI to #CHARLOTTENC on Wednesday Aug 31, 2016. Yet she never showed up and didn’t think to notify anyone.
Our family members were notified about her missing about one week latter when the local people stated she was last seen in Key West, at which time a full blown investigation began and is ongoing with family, friends, law officials and news outlets to try to locate her or get information of her whereabouts.
Robin would NOT just walk away from her children and miss saying good-bye to our father who passed away in Oct 2016, nor miss the birth of her first grandchild in Feb 2017.
What we don’t know!
Is Robin being held against her will on a boat, house or ?
Did Robin try swimming from #xmastreeisland to #keywest without success and drown on her own accord?
Did Someone pick her up from #xmastreeisland on August 27, 2016 and harm her?
Any information or leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) will have a REWARD from CrimeStoppers. I was told it will be $3,000 yet the #MCSO has not provided me with the proper legal disclaimer to post correctly.
Continued Prayers for her safe return are appreciated.

Anyone who has any information should contact Major Crimes Detective Bob Dosh at 305-289-2351.



Synopsis: Mike Wegrzyn was reported as a missing adult from Geuga County Sherriff’s Office Ohio on May 07, 2017 case #17-06601. He was last seen in Marathon Florida on April 2017 by a group of his friends. His last cell phone conversation with his wife was in April 4, 2017. Wegrzyn frequented Boot Key and possibly lived in a tent. He lived in a “pirate style” boat that was in the process of sinking right of Sisters Creek at the time the missing person report was made. The boat had been recently boarded by FWC. According to phone records Wegrzyn’s cell phone was last active in Marathon Florida. His vehicle a White, 2001, Nissan, Maxima Ohio tag FXH7764 was found parked.

Anyone who has any information should contact Marathon Detective Bernard Barios at 305-289-2430.


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