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Officer Matt Johnson astride Savannah, Dr. Louis Spelios – who donated the horses to the department – and Officer Mike Wolf riding Lou.

It’s hard not to notice the newest addition to the Key West Police Department’s Mounted Unit. Lou, a Percheron/paint cross, is the new addition to the department’s equestrian fleet, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Louis Spelios of Island Dental.

This is the second horse that Dr. Spelios has donated to the Unit; Savannah, a Belgian draft horse, joined the force in April of 2017.

Officers Mike Wolf and Matt Johnson rode to Island Dental to thank Dr. Spelios for this newest addition to the equine team.

The Mounted Unit now consists of Officers Johnson and Wolf, along with Savannah, Lou and Shmoo. The mounted officers can be seen daily in their rounds around the island. Horses provide a unique vantage point for officers, help in crowd control during events like Fantasy Fest, and make a positive connection with the community on a daily basis.

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