Jun 172016


Dear Editor,

When will we have enough distractions to start paying attention to things that nationally have meaning. We’ve been bombarded by nonsencia by mainstream media till our heads are spinning. Their Big Guns-POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Political Correctness thrust into daily life brings an individual’s Feelings as a controlling factor. I(an individual) feel Uncomfortable seeing George Washington’s statue on top of the Capital Dome because he was a Slave owner, I don’t feel comfortable when the salesperson won’t speak my native language, I don’t feel comfortable going into a Woman’s ONLY bathroom. I, I, I. That’s what this Political Correctness is all about, the world should revolve around ME. I just read a blog about a Hot Pants cross dressing Trucker in TEXAS standing in front of a woman’s bathroom with an additional handwritten sign stating- this bathroom is for Women as determined by their Birth Certificate-The management. And Mr. Trucker said– I(as in ME) feel Uncomfortable using the MENS bathroom BUT if this is the Owner’s rules, so be it. I can either abide by his rules or go somewhere else. Wow, what a conception. He didn’t go out and create a scene , organized a boycott, get a lawyer and sue. Here’s a Piece of reality. The Mainstream Media and LAWYERS’ ONLY function in life is to make

Dr. Geno

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