letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

The Taxpayers and Voters would have you explain how $2.7 million dollars were taken from the Monroe County Infrastructure Tax Fund intended for complete and fully funded Sewers System, which the voters approved to be extended to 2033, and Given to the State of Florida to repair their Infrastructure. How does the State of Florida’s Infrastructure become a tax burden of Monroe Counties taxpayers?? The CRWS is NOT complete and must not be fully funded as the BOCC and their “Partner” FKAA are attempting to take property for installation of the Counties infrastructure. The County’s own ordinance Mandate the location however the BOCC does not want to spend our tax moneys as the Voters mandated. It appears that the State of Florida’s property is more valuable to the BOCC than their voters wishes.

Dr. Gene Nanay 30 year property owner, taxpayer, and Voter.

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