Nov 182016

Keys Energy Pulls Cable Across Street: Man on Scooter Gets Hooked

Video news story by Amber Nolan.......

This story was originally published on November 17, 2016


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Amber Nolan
Amber Nolan is a restless travel writer who calls Key West home. Her work has appeared on USA Today,, Cruise Critic, Frommers, and several other travel publications. Amber’s most unusual project involved hitchhiking on small airplanes to 49 states, during which time she spent two years on the road, or rather, “on the skyways.” She is currently working on a book that documents the unusual journey and provides insight into the aviation community. Before getting into travel writing, Amber worked for an activist, investigative newspaper in London, so joining forces with the Blue Paper allows her to go back to her muckraking roots. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism.
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  10 Responses to “CLOTHESLINED!”

  1. As a retired electrician I find this beyond belief. This goes beyond stupidity and that supervisor needs fired or demoted. They are trained far better than that. Plan on writing a blank check. Traffic should been closed in both directions. The man could easily been killed. Only can hope he makes full recovery.

  2. Yes, we need to find out how this happened. Someone screwed up. And someone should be held accountable besides us, the taxpayers, who will have to pay out, though we did nothing wrong.

    • I know why it happened, was simply a short cut based on the assumption of no traffic and a job that would only took 1 minute to pull the wire up. 1 man with a stop sign would have solved it. Who will foot the bill will be the customers in added cost to doing business. What upsets me is they are trained to never do it that way. Would be nice to get an update on the mans condition. Could be a permanent disability. Yes accidents happen but this borders on manslaughter if he dies.

  3. Might add that a drug test should be ran on every man on that crew. That is 1 job that you simply can not be on any drugs. Usually it is a worker that gets hurt or killed. They got careless. Heard of far too many getting burned up on such jobs. Electric at that voltage is often fatal. Am glad to be retired from that field.

  4. Sorry your hurt and Sorry the work crew is suffering from your stupidy.

    If the driver was driving “slow” through the work site, this would not happen…
    Another Key West driver that should be walking, for lack of common sense…

    Wish there where a clothes line on the right side of my car when stopped at light or stopped sign…be nice if scooters and bicycles would stop breaking the law.

    Two wheelers – Lets blame the bug you strike and it knocks your eye out. Your not wearing glasses or helmet with visor…stupid goes as stupid does.

    “Do what you want and ask forgiveness when caught…(add-no) and/or sue under Key West stupidy laws?”

    • You seem to be confused. It was not me that got hurt. When a utility needs to install an overhead wire across a road it is required that they protect the public. This is done by having at least 1 person to stop traffic in both directions. So either this was an understaffed crew or uneducated. They could have requested a deputy but it is not the job of KWPD to do so. Most likely this was an understaffed crew. The job should have took less than a minute but a lot can go wrong in that minute. It will not be them that likely will not be eating thanksgiving turkey. The stupidity was the crew and it is not them suffering. They very likely will receive a fine and had the man been killed OSHA would be investigating. This is not about driving slow it is about a road that was required to closed till wire was 14 feet high before allowing traffic to go under it.

  5. Looks like the person driving a speeding scooter in a construction zone was an outstanding citizen according to the Sheriff’s website. A felony arrest in 2011 for narcotics distribution within 1000ft of a facility of minors(ie. school, daycare).

    I wonder if a toxicology report was done? And if something comes up, would it nullify a settlement or wrongdoing?

    • Unless he drives around the road block the liability is still on the utility company. He could still be charged for DUI but does not change the liability. It might change the amount of money awarded. Problem is that without cause to suspect he was then they could not legally test him. Am not saying he was not partly to blame but from what was reported he is the victim. Bottom line is the road was required to be closed for such a job.

      • Understandable that the utility should of done more to make sure senseless people cannot drive into a construction zone. But a motor vehicle accident between two parties with registered vehicles on a legal roadway involving injuries isn’t enough to require toxicology reports on both parties? I find that extremely hard to believe.

  6. like it or not NO they can not conduct such a test on the motorist without reason such as smelled like he was drinking. A driver can still refuse the test. The insurance company for the utility company might have a clause requiring such a test on the workers. We can not simply assume the driver was DUI because of a 5 year old cime.

    Key point is this was not a case of speed as the road would been reqired to be closed.
    He likely already has a lawyer and sure the utility company has 1 too. Neither will be talking to press at this time.

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