Nov 182016

Video story by Amber Nolan…….

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  5 Responses to “MAROONED! How Does a Family Dog Survive on a Desert Island?”

  1. is there any doubt about the superiority of animals over the likes of us?

  2. Incredible story! Happy Kiwi is alive and well, and back with her family.

  3. What a great story! Thank you, Amber, for being one of those talented new people who comes to Key West as some of us oldies transition in various ways. This should be at the end of one of the network news broadcasts, but it would have to be edited down to 3 minutes, and much would be lost.

    So often we have to be raising hell. Nice balance, appreciating the natural miracles in our Paradise.

  4. Fantastic that it ended great. Not too sure if man could do as good. A dog will eat what ever it manages to find. Man might starve before being willing to eat that way. The source of water would be the hardest.

  5. This also happened to a golden retriever named Coconut Harry about 17 years ago. He swam to Monkey Island ”Key Louis”

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