Where the Blue Meets the Blue


by Ray Jason…….

Never before and never since – had I felt such an elemental connection to our wet and wondrous planet. I was clinging to the top of AVENTURA’s mast, gazing at a panorama saturated in “blueness.” The dark blue of the Sea undulated to the horizon where it mated with the delicate blue of the Sky. It was like a “white-out” in a blizzard – but here in the Far Pacific it was a “blue-out.”

I had climbed the 18 steps up my mast in the hopes of finding a little wind somewhere on this immense stillness. I was competing in the Single-handed Trans-Pacific Race from San Francisco to Hawaii, which means I was sailing alone. And if ever there was an example of solitude, this was it. Calculating my height above the water and the distance to the horizon, I realized that I could see about 200 square miles of ocean. I was the only human in that vast blueness.


My belief is that extraordinary and ecstatic experiences like this should beneficially jolt our perspectives on Life. Although that “immersion in blueness” is now decades astern of me, it still reminds me that the world can be very different from what we think it is.

Back then I had not scrutinized “the way things really worked.” But that was normal, because all of the societal gatekeepers deliberately arrange it that way. Our parents, professors, priests, politicians and pundits either innocently or malevolently encourage us to sleep-walk through Life. Conformity is exalted and questioning is scorned. The culture warns you to stay between the lines or else you might have your iPhone taken away.

“Siri, why can I only ask you innocuous questions?” Well, even though Siri can only tell you things like where the nearest pizza parlor is, I can ponder more profound issues. Here is a slightly more pressing dilemma than “with or without anchovies?”

How DOES the world work?

The main fuel that powers the modern worlds is Greed. The powers that be – or what I prefer to call The Malignant Overlords – have managed to perform a magical transformation. Greed, which for thousands of years was considered a vice, has now been converted into a virtue. They did this for self protection. So instead of being despised, they are revered. The masses, who should be revolting against such an inequitable status quo, are out buying Lotto tickets so that they too might become rich and famous.

The twin to financial greed is the obsession with power. The desire to control other people is like a neuro-toxin that keeps feeding upon itself. The need to dominate others becomes an addiction. Those with power are so strung out on it that they constantly strive to both expand and consolidate their supremacy.

The main tool that these rulers use is Secrecy. We are programmed early in life through our Conformity Indoctrination Factories (schools) to believe that people in leadership positions achieved their prominence because they were smarter and nobler than the rest of us. But in fact, most of the time those who ascend up through the Malignant Overlord food chain, do so because they are more ruthless and soul-less than those below them.

Here is a perfect example of that secrecy in action. My bachelor’s degree was in Political Science, so I studied historical events and world leaders quite thoroughly. But because almost all of the books that I had access to depict the West as an indisputable force for good, I could not find contrary evidence and then make my own decision.

Winston Churchill is the poster boy for this. Here was this supposed noble statesman and courageous cornerstone of British righteousness. That is how he was depicted to me by all of my professors. And that is how I would continue to perceive him if it were not for the Internet.

In recent years I have been able to reassess him; and the true portrait of the man that emerges is grotesquely different from his legend. He was a pathological warmonger with the blood of the LUSITANIA, the battle of Gallipoli and the bombing of Dresden on his hands. He was a blatant woman-hater and practically a fall-down drunk. He was a cooing front-man for some very horrible behind the curtain players. Yet the myth-making surrounding him was so intense and despicable that even some of his famous “rally the Brits” speeches were actually secretly recorded by a radio actor who could flawlessly imitate his voice.

Churchill is a perfect example of how the world REALLY works. Because the vast majority of us are decent, non-violent and caring people, it is difficult to believe that there are truly vicious humans out there. But there are, and they are attracted to extreme power because it allows them to act out their psychopathic and sociopathic perversions.

And this is not just a phenomenon from the historical past. The more one focuses on the current Zeitgeist, the more apparent it is that almost everything is just one big steaming pile of … fraud. Arms dealers are funneled trillions while peace activists have to hold bake sales. Politicians lie with impunity and a smirk. Bankers won’t make loans to Main Street but they receive massive handouts from the Fed. Elections continue to reveal themselves as “selections” by the puppet-masters rather than as the voice of the people. Obscenely wealthy corporations keep evading taxes and subjecting their overseas workers to slave-like conditions.

The grip of the hidden Deep State just seems to be tightening with their massive surveillance capacity and their militarized police forces. They continue to spew chaos across large sectors of the world. And their divide and conquer social engineering seems to be accelerating.


Some people think that the Internet might be our salvation. They hope that enough people will be awakened in time to wrest control back from the Malignant Overlords. But the M.O.s are just as effective at using the World Wide Web for surveillance and propaganda as we are for liberation. And it seems delusional to believe that a solution can be gained through elections or protests or revolution. To me, the only hope seems to be that the obesity of the entire colossal travesty just becomes so immense that it collapses in upon itself.

When the world weariness lies too heavily upon me, I often find myself reliving those 40 minutes atop my mast in the Far Pacific. And even though I am now in the Caribbean, I can still feel the vast, healing power of Mother Ocean as her enormous blueness cleanses and soothes me.





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