Coco de Mer

by Alex Symington…….

Because I express my views, I must expect opposing views. That is only natural. For most ideas and thoughts, there are counter ideas and thoughts, however, when I express my thoughts on Hillary Clinton I am confronted with a whole array of copy and paste presumptive reactions. “You are a sexist!” “You are in a boys club!”“Why don’t you just say it, you hate Hillary Clinton.” How to respond to that? First of all, I reserve “hate” for the deserving, not someone like Hillary. Hating Hillary makes as much sense as “hating” a shark. Both are the culmination/end product of millions of years of evolution, both are perfectly designed in their function and are only doing what they were created to do.

When one points out any negative information on Hillary one is accused of “bashing” or worse, sexism. Truth, in our twisted world, has become a subjective thing with undefined gradations of what Steven Colbert dubbed “truthiness”. Media hype from the DNC and the Corporate State Ministry of Propaganda would have us believe Hillary is already the Democratic nominee and Bernie Sanders is just so much yesterday’s news. According to mediacrazy up-side-down world, the way Bernie keeps winning he might as well admit defeat!

I have been confounded by how passionately Hillary is being supported by people that identify as progressive. If they could only look past their own reverse sexism and see that voting for someone because they have a vagina is as wrong headed as voting against someone because they have a vagina. If only they could see her for the corporatist neoliberal she actually is.

Yes, it’s time for a female president, just not this one. Elizabeth Warren is ready now and Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is our future. These women would put, we, the people ahead of the billionaire class. These are women that are not afraid of or beholding to corporate special interest or Wall Street, whereas HRC is in deep.

The list on why Hillary is the antithesis of progressive and populist ideals is long. She is pro TPP, pro fracking, pro coal, pro oil, pro Monsanto and commodifying all things natural such as food and water. She is pro Wall Street, pro endless war, pro regime change, pro slave wages, pro private prison, pro drug war. She has pandered to the right wing with hateful speech calling black youth, “super predators” and has been silent on African American injustice even as she takes black America’s vote for granted. In other words Hillary Clinton is pro status quo. Any changes in her stance on the above issues, if any, have been brought about only by Bernie Sanders’ clear genuine populist message exposing income inequality and the dead beat corporate/billionaire class.

The only two issues that she is counting on to scare the crap out of card carrying democrats into voting for her are the Supreme Court nominee issue and women’s right to abortion. A third fear factor, of course, is Donald Trump making it to the White House at all. By the way, The Donald has been both, pro and anti abortion depending on the day or the hour of the day.

As for the SCOTUS nominees, what makes anybody think Hillary’s choices will be anything but more corporate protectionist puppets? She is clearly a Republican in all but label. Why, in God’s name, would any self respecting true liberal progressive choose this woman over a once-in-a-life-time candidate that wants to represent the people in a real and effective way? Just the fact that Bernie Sanders has been thwarted and blacked out by corporate media, reported DOA at every turn yet draws thousands to his rallies and is funded only by individual citizens, not Super Pacs and Wall Street bankers should be enough to garner the peoples support. To bad he isn’t a woman.


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