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by John Donnelly…….

‘Kitten Cuddlers’ are needed. Our more advanced, enlightened and humane neighbor to the North, Miami-Dade County, is seeking ‘Kitten Cuddlers‘.

Although Miami-Dade Animal Services receives approximately 30,000 discarded animals a year, rather than preemptively killing these abandoned creatures, they’ve networked with citizens in the Greater Miami Area to provide 24 hour a day care, for the most defenseless of these animals.

During their twice a month workshop for the public, Miami-Dade Animal Services teaches the proper handling and treatment of discarded kittens. These seminars are filled to capacity, standing room only.

How dark and perverse have we become in Monroe County, when we allow unregulated trappers, from both the government and private sector, to roam unchecked through our neighborhoods at all hours of night and day, freelancing their work on a quid pro quo basis; capturing an assortment of animals for a predetermined set dollar amount. A mindset similar to the ‘body count score card’, employed to assess success during the Vietnam War.

In at least one case, a rogue trapper illegally seized and injured a family pet that was residing on their secluded property. After this individual, who was sub-contracted by the government took the family pet; he turned it into the Animal Shelter to be killed.

The private citizen to whom this pet belonged, was later arrested at his work during business hours. Subsequently, he appeared in Key West at the Federal Court Building to contest this unnecessary and wrongful action. He faced off against the arresting officer, a government supervisor and the government’s attorney. This civilian, without any legal representation, was found innocent of all charges by the Federal Judge.

We talk a lot about “one human family” and frequently greet new arrivals with the words “welcome to paradise” here in the Keys. These sentiments appear to be shallow and disingenuous at times. Truth be told, malicious conduct sometimes seems to be embraced.

Many hateful and venomous comments have been directed at those willing to give of their time and money to provide humane and loving care for these forsaken creatures. Rather than killing innocent creatures and attacking their caregivers, perhaps one’s time would be better spent promoting programs advancing cat adoptions. In addition, collaboratively gathering with civic organizations and institutions of learning, which affirm the value of all life, would clarify and uplift society’s collective consciousness towards this intolerable practice.

Many years ago, caring for and cuddling some kittens reawakened within me a part of myself that had been deadened. Given a second chance at life, I was able to renew and rekindle many lost dreams and aspirations; as a result of this simple, yet potent, experience.

Accumulated scientific research attests to the therapeutic and healing impact that cats can have upon human beings. The comfort generated by connecting with these animals has been documented via a plethora of studies.

Indiscriminately killing these unsuspecting creatures, denigrates society’s aggregate psyche and spirit. Aren’t our lives and those of our children made more difficult because of the ignorance, cruelty and hateful actions we encounter?

Perhaps it’s time for a self-examination and change of heart, regarding consequences associated with the harsh attitudes and conduct we’ve developed over time as they relate to the needless butchering of innocent, conscious and caring creations.

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