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4 thoughts on “COVID-19 DAILY UPDATE

  1. No one knew/knows exactly what to do about public actions concerning the Batvirus as these are unchartered waters. I agreed with opening up again on a trial basis, and now we know we’re still in the midst of this. Travel from state to state and into Florida hasn’t been helpful, as who knows how many travelers were/are carrying the virus. One thing for certain is that we can’t remain in lockdown forever, obviously. Locally, vacationers by the hundreds were walking around Key West with no masks on which I consider to be inconsiderate to this city, and if not already done signs should be posted from the entrance to Monroe County all the way down the Keys to warn people to use a mask. Electronic speed limit signs can be used for this, also, and the big electronic sign before you enter the 18 mile stretch heading south should also be utilized. My fellow citizens, this sudden development is very disappointing, but grit your teeth and tough it out.

  2. As we uneducated citizens complain and do nothing about about our dangerous leader Trump we do not look into the future (a few months) to predict what moves Trump is planning. Could he be smart enough to create enough havoc to warrant him declaring martial law. Get ready. He keeps mentioning how he is untouchable (like a god). His faithful GOP is going to go right along with him and Barr in order to create a safe country. Maybe we should take our heads out of our backsides and breath some air . It is apparent that a lot of veterans are storing more ammo. Hopefully for when Putin’s plain clothes friends come out of their holes in Florida. But people call me crazy. I predicted what this smug, arrogant Trump would do back in 2016.

  3. To stay on topic here, it was reported today that 2 large Florida hospitals, at least one in the Orlando area, had erroneous virus test results. In one case they claimed that testing showed findings of a 98% positive rate instead of the new corrected total of 9.4%, while the other hospital claimed 76% of those tested were positive but with the real number being just 6%. I don’t know what any of you make out of this, but anyone and everyone would have to say something is fishy here, and what could be a possible motive, if any, to be so far off? .

  4. Remaining on topic here, allegedly more incorrect data is being received from virus testing facilities, What has been observed is that in some instances all positive test results are being reported while no negatives are. Even though these results come from SCIENTIFIC labs, how accurate can these tests be? I don’t dispute that there could be an upswing in cases even though we don’t know the true results, but let’s do a little math: If the tests are just 90% accurate and if 40,000 tests are conducted, then there could be 4,000 new positive cases listed that are not necessarily correct. Add these disputable cases to the people who have been fleeing from highly infected states like New York and New Jersey to Florida, and no wonder cases have increased.

    Regardless, more human contact with the opening up of businesses, and not wearing a mask can at least in part be raising our total number of positive cases. BUT, as it stands now the mortality rate is way down, and to me THAT is the bottom line.

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