Zombie Questions


by Alex Symington…….

Did you ever wonder what’s behind the psychology of the “Zombie” genre? You know, that scenario of human survivors battling the animated dead? Everybody, EVERYBODY identifies with the uninfected healthy people, but NOBODY identifies with the poor zombies! This begs the question; in every human vs zombie portrayal, why are there so many zombies and so few healthy survivors? How is this still attractive?

This train of thought is evident in every day life, as well. The enthusiastic supporters of the shark-tank-last-man-standing-hyper-capitalist paradigm, especially the very poor, in Zombie Apocalypse fashion, identify with the super rich billionaire class.

Where does this delusional lottery mentality come from? The Kochs and Waltons will be comfortable and cozy counting their money inside zombie proof bunkers and we, the walking dead, are left lurching and snarling outside the walls. Just a thought….

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Questions

  1. Alex, Very cool, especially in these times of Donald Trump. Who are his most fervent supporters? The Archie Bunker dudes who’ve suffered the most from the likes of him! Remember when a candidate would try to hide the fact that he or she was wealthy? They were all Horatio Alger types who were born in the gutter, etc. Trump has turned that all around. He brags about how wealthy he is … and the zombies love it. I’ll have to post an essay I wrote about Berlusconi some day. It’s kind of in this groove. ciao, Jerome

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