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A Letter From Post Consumer Man

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Jerome Grapel

by Jerome Grapel…….

(Some of you might remember a controversy that swirled through our culture shortly after the 9/11 tragedy. It went something like this: a Moslem owned some property in close proximity to Ground Zero and wanted to develop it with an Islamic cultural center. This immediately sent the usual American demagogs into a spittily rage of rejection, claiming it would besmirch the hallowed ground where the attacks had taken place. At the time, I wrote a letter to the editor that could be more timely now than it was then. Here it is):

The Editor,

Like any other prouder than proud patriot, fearing for the safety and survival of his beloved country, I’ve never forgotten the horrible bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Just the remembrance of the smoking wreckage where so many innocent men, women and children died makes my blood boil. As a result, I call for the following: no White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) should ever be allowed to own or develop any property in close proximity to such a hallowed place.

It’s obvious these people cannot be trusted. Every time I see one of them riding around in their huge pick up trucks, or gnawing on some barbecue, or spitting tobacco juice, well, it just gives me the creeps. Why don’t they go live somewhere else and leave the rest of us good Americans alone?

Let’s look at the history of these people: the genocidal appropriation of this continent, the enslavement of millions of Africans, the savage Puritanical witch hunts, the brutal colonial usurpation of so much of the third world, the Holocaust (I’m not sure if the Germans are WASP’s, but close enough), etc., etc. There they are, in their “militias”, running around in the woods with their rifles and combat fatigues, I mean, they might attack at any moment! These people are dangerous!

Mr. and Mrs. America, don’t be fooled, the threat is real. They are amongst us. They are always plotting their next sinister move. If we let our guard down, before you can say Sarah Palin, they’ll be running everything and the America we all know and love, the free and tolerant one, will be gone. Wake up!

4/19/95, we will never forget.

Jerome Grapel

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2 thoughts on “A Letter From Post Consumer Man

  1. Jerome…Appropriate then, appropriate now. You have graphically and comically illustrated the absurdity of the reactionary right. Well done and timely. Sadly, the folks that need to, will not recognize themselves in this satire.

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