Woman Naked and Covered in Blood; Boyfriend Threatens To Cut off Deputies Ears and…

Residents in a Big Pine neighborhood woke up Sunday morning to a frightening scene.  Their neighbor, a 23-year-old woman, was naked in the street, her face and head covered in blood.

When Deputies Richard Wang and Jenna Moeller arrived at the 30000 block of Delgado Lane the woman was sitting on the steps of her home with her boyfriend John Niles Linley. Deputies immediately called for paramedics and began trying to ascertain what had happened.

According to reports, as the woman attempted to speak to the deputies, Linley raised his voice speaking over her. Linley reportedly refused orders to silence himself and to move away from the woman so they could be questioned separately. Instead of moving he began yelling at the woman, according to the incident report.

As deputies moved to forcibly restrain Linley he pulled away violently and began screaming again. While deputies were attempting to handcuff him, Linley reportedly dragged both deputies to the ground before they were able to place him in a patrol car. Once inside the patrol car, Linley began kicking the interior and banging it with his head.

The woman refused to tell deputies what happened stating she had fallen and hit her head. She later told paramedics that Linley had “smashed her head” according to the incident report. The woman was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center where she received stitches to her head and face.

Linley was previously arrested [on May 24, 2018] for domestic battery against the same woman.

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One neighbor reported the woman had been banging on her door for help and she had given her a towel and called police. Multiple witnesses and neighbors recounted similar events: Hearing a loud commotion and then seeing a woman in distress in the street.

The deputies searched the house and found it in disarray with evidence that a fight had occurred, such as blood smears on the walls and blood pooled on the floor.

Linley was arrested shortly thereafter.

While en route to jail, Linley threatened Deputy Wang’s wife and daughter. Linley reportedly stated he was going to cut off Deputy Wang’s ears and make a necklace. Linley also made repeated death threats as well as seemingly unrelated statements such as, “the south will rise” according to the incident report.

Linley was booked  into jail and was charged with two counts of battery, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.


Note: Information in this crime report was provided by area law enforcement, please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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