A Key West woman is facing a felony charge and several misdemeanors after she attempted to run down a City employee with her car. Katerina Devlin, 37, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, criminal mischief and a municipal ordinance violation, all stemming from her wanting to use a private bathroom.

Devlin was attempting to access private bathrooms at Land End Village, and public works employees directed her to the public bathrooms. Devlin became angry and began screaming at them, then pulled down her pants and relieved herself in the parking lot. She then got into her car and drove it at another City employee who was crossing the lot. According to witnesses, she drove directly at the man, nearly pinning him to a parked van. She got out of the car, grabbed the victim’s cell phone and threw it to the ground. She then got back into her car and fled the scene.

With the help of photo lineups, security video and witness statements, detectives were able to identify Devlin and her distinctive vehicle, which sports a large pink stuffed animal on the rear tire cover. Devlin was located and arrested without incident. In addition to the state charges, she was charged with a municipal violation for urinating in a public parking lot.

This incident is the second time in a month that Devlin has been charged with using her car as a weapon. She was arrested in December and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for trying to run a man down on Flagler Avenue.

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