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by Rick Boettger…….

I’m writing this mainly for Cynthia, who is depressed and scared. There is no way I can “cheer you up” if you hate our new President-Elect, but I’m hoping you’ll take the gun out of your mouth. It is not as bad as you think. The Republic will survive, maybe even thrive.

The actual good news? TED CRUZ. If nothing else, Donald saved us from a true extremist Tea Partier. Compared to Ted’s, Donald’s policies are highly enlightened. The ones I like best I think are actually better than what we have now.

First, no more stupid Mideast wars. I think the Arab world would actually consider it a good trade, our not going over there to senselessly bomb them back to the stone age, in exchange for our not letting as many of them come here. And yes, of course, create a Safe Zone in Syria so refugees can stay where they want, in their own country. We are simply idiots for not having done this two years ago.

Second, better relations with Russia. This is an area of special expertise for me. Basically, we have started Cold War II by reneging on our ’90’s agreements NOT to surround them with our NATO armies. It is not about Putin taking over Crimea. It’s about our putting four battalions in Poland.

Third, the so-called “national debt” and “deficit” be damned, we are going to invest in our infrastructure again. With a Republican President putting it forward, we have a chance to create a trillion dollars of wealth with a few hundred billion dollars of new money, reprising the ’50’s when we built our interstate highway system. And stimulate the economy with good jobs, lots of them.

Fourth, Obamacare is no loss. Let the Repub’s screw up health care for a while. I think it is the worst government program ever. It transfers wealth from hard-working young people to undeserving middle-agers and health insurance executives. We all have fiftyish friends who got their long-wanted $45,000 shoulder or hip surgeries with their yes-pre-existing conditions “insurance” for a month for $300 (and then dropped it). I have seen multimillionaires with small taxable incomes get $900/ month, while a young server who took an extra part-time retail clerk job see her $600 refund become a $406 tax bill. (Cynthia and I felt so bad for her we invited her to our house, showed her our Obamacare recognition plaque, apologized for inflicting this on her generation, and wrote her a check to cover the bill.) Look at what has just happened to premiums. For many families, a disaster. In 2009 we could have had Medicare for all. This would be as radical as Social Security and Medicare for the old, and like every other civilized country. Instead, we created an abomination. Good riddance.

Finally, stop worrying about the Supreme Court. They blocked Obama’s last appointment for a year, and threatened to block Hilary’s for eight more. All the Dem’s have to do is tit-for-tat, and simply filibuster all of Donald’s appointees. Nine judges, five judges, who cares. Yes, Scott Walker is proposing that the Senate on its first day vote to revoke the filibuster. I’ve looked into this. It is dubious it has to be done the first day (related to the Senate being a continuing body, returning with two-thirds of its membership). Harry Reid’s Senate in November of 2013 changed the rules to ban filibustering Obama’s judges and administrative appointees. But he did NOT change it for Supreme Court judges or legislation.

Reid and Obama had the chance in 2009 to do anything they wanted, with the House, the Presidency, and 60 Senators—thus the ability to stop a filibuster. They still had the ability to change the filibuster rules for the next five years, and they only did it for the non-Supreme appointees. Mitch McConnell threatened to pay back Harry, but he is as terrified as the rest of the Senators of really changing the minority-veto rules. They will not pull the trigger, not even to stack the Court.

By the way, there ain’t gonna be no Mexican-financed wall. The Donald is amazed so many people bought that!

Cynthia and other cheer-ups, stop reading immediately. I am now going to do the Democratic autopsy, and it is going to be bloody. The Republican Party did not win this election. The top Democratic leadership, through mean-spirited and arrogant strategic blunders of the highest order, just gave it away.

Barack Obama told Joe Biden not to run. Why? My guess is spite. Joe opposed the pointless surge in Afghanistan, but Barry knuckled under to the Generals, a Cheney-like chicken-hawk blunder. Tragically unsuccessful. Joe right, Barry wrong. Barry dragged his heels on repealing don’t ask-don’t tell, until Joe forced his hand. Joe was ten minutes ahead of the mood of the country, and we quickly had gay marriage. Joe right, Barry wrong.

I am sad to say our President, instead of rewarding merit, went instead like an insecure bureaucrat to the underling who would not threaten his stature, but was just blindly loyal. Choosing Hilary was like the Republicans’ choosing McCain and Romney. All accomplished politicians, to be sure. But that’s what lost for them, and why Hilary was the worst possible choice in a change year.

Think: the Dem’s had Joe, Bernie, Martin O’Malley, and (briefly) Jim Webb, all of whom would have handily beaten Trump. As has been so often said, they chose the only Democrat on earth who could have lost to him. Colluding with Barry were the top Dems, cheating Bernie with their super-delegates, Saturday debates, questions ahead of time, etc. Think: the alternatives had nothing like Benghazi, private servers, or the pussy-grab-neutralizing Monica legacy on their resumes. For all of Hilary’s hard work and knowledgeable experience, no one should run for office with what she and the Democratic leadership knew she was going to have to face.

You can’t blame Comey for his investigation. She owned the server. And the giant health insurance increases were the fruit of the misconceived Obamacare. The only thing not the Dem’s fault was, in the last few weeks, the effect of long-awaited attack advertising by Trump. Voters were inured to Hilary’s year of attacks, while Trump’s were fresh. And Kellyanne Conway wins the MVP by confiscating Donald’s phone and somehow forcing him to read the teleprompter. Two weeks without a fresh outrage from the Donald was all it took for women and Hispanics to forget (a majority of women voted for Trump, and more Hispanics voted for him than they did for Romney).

I feel so bad for my many Hilary-loving friends. She and they worked so damn hard. I had expected to be happy in their happiness. I truly hope the first half of this lifted the gloom a tad. By the way, I voted for Trump in the primary (guess why) and Dr. Jill Stein in the general. Why didn’t everybody?

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