Rick Boettger

Rick Boettger had a Top Secret security clearance in the Army and studied nuclear chemistry at MIT and law at Yale before getting a PhD in business at Berkeley. He earned tenure as a business professor at TCU in Fort Worth before going to Moscow as a Fulbright Professor, writing a book on the economy, hosting a semi-national talk radio show, and retiring to Key West in 1996 at the age of 48. Since then he has worked part-time as a tax and financial advisor, and has been doing investigative journalism since he began at the Blue Paper in 2007​. He is very happily married to his superb copy-editor Cynthia Edwards, the former long-time PIO for the Key West Police Department.

Mar 022021
Vaccine Angels

For both of us, oddly, even more so for me, the last six weeks have been the hardest for me in our entire 15-year marriage. Because I, like a lot of other husbands, I bet, knew it was MY JOB to save my love’s life by getting her a simple life-saving shot…

 March 2, 2021  Posted by at 6:48 pm ~ Column ~, Rick Boettger 1 Response »

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