letter to the editor


by Eugene E. Nanay Jr……..


Lately there has been stories about alligator attacks in Florida–small boy eaten by Gator at Disney resort, golfer’s arm bitten off by Gator when reaching for ball in water hazard, 10 year old girl opens Gators jaws to escape. It appears that Alligators are the # 1 Hazard in Florida. But hold your horses— Since 1948 there has been 388 attacks and 24(as in twenty four) deaths by Alligators. That’s 24 deaths in 69 years, that’s terrible. Now let’s look at the REAL Hazard in Florida and No one cares. The #1 Hazard in Florida IS the Cellphone. Last year More than 45,000 ACCIDENTS were caused by Distracted Driving. Of those 45,000+ accidents 39,000 had Injuries and 214 Mothers, Fathers, Children were Slaughtered because some Snowflake thought though it was more important to kibitz within their Social connections than to pay attention to diving their instrument of Death and destruction. So how much are these Social butterflies costing us?? How much are our Medical rates increasing, how much are our Insurance rates increasing?? This is a national Pandemic. Sure the Gov. past a no texting ordinance but it’s a 2nd class thing and is it actively being enforced.. a BIG NO. So WHY aren’t our politicians stopping this slaughter on our highway?? The technology has been available for over 50 years to De-activate transmission communications devices while a vehicle is in motion so why isn’t this mandatory?? Is is it that the politicians accept the carnage and Costs rather than risk votes. So where’s the Priority here.

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