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Financial Class Discrimination in Monroe County

by Eugene Nanay……


Back in 2008 or whenever The Gov. proclaimed all properties in the Keys Shall be connected to a Public Sewer System or whatever. So? How many properties are we talking about here? Well, from the Office of the Tax Appraisers Office I was provided with the following–51,307 Residential Units and 17,472 Businesses with physical addresses. From the Office of the Tax Collector, there were 53,001 Trim Notices sent out last November.

Now in the Counties plan for The Lower Keys, the CRWS, the “Master Plan” Chapter 20, Sewers , contain verbiage detailing who SHALL do what, where, when, and how. The WHO is all inclusive. Now, in the CRWS approximately 1600 Residences were chosen to participate in what The Florida DEP described as an Experimental system, a Low Pressure grinder pump system using the E-1 grinder pump. No problem Until the County Commissioners Decided that certain Portions of the Master Plan would NOT apply to those approximately 1600 residents and taxpayers. Those certain portions STATE in black and white, on Print -Art. III. sec. 20-50 and Art. V. Sec. 20-10 (e),(1)–“The UTILITY shall •••”. So the County and our Elected officials are saying-as those portions of Our Rules Don’t apply to you, you Must give up a minimum of 100 square feet of Your Property and you Must supply electric to run Our infrastructure on your property. As one of our Elected Commissioner so eloquently put it when queried about the properties assigned grinder pumps- They’re LOSERS. In labeling thusly the County Commission is acknowledging the Creation of a Sub-Class of Citizens, Residents, and Taxpayers who are being FINANCIALLY DISCRIMINATED. Now, fellow taxpayers, be prepared for a possible increase in property taxes as the bill for defending the actions of our Elected commissioner. Remember when the electorate MANDATED all infrastructure sales tax be FIRST Spent on a Complete and Fully Funded Sewer System.

4 thoughts on “Financial Class Discrimination in Monroe County

  1. While reading this article at IHOP this morning I received a “Courtesy Call” from FKAA informing me that my FKAA water will be shut off because I’ve failed to pay the sewer portion of the bill sent by FKAA. I pay the WATER portion because I use FKAA WATER. I refuse to pay the County’s portion because the County hasn’t installed the grinder pump assigned to me in the ROW as their ordnance mandates. How can they charge me for something that THEY Refuse to supply just because they SAY they can??? This appears to be an old fashioned head buttin contest. Stay close to your radios folks for The further adventures of Guido v.s. The Nug.

      1. I tried the local chapter of the ACLU at their regular scheduled meeting today at 11:00 BUT the Key West Chapter was a NO SHOW. I guess my next move is to contact the ACLU in Miami.

  2. Can simply put it this way.We did think of buying a place in KW and dam sure glad we gave up on such a foolish idea. Simply put it is too low of a profit for us to invest in. We deal in nothing under 20% return

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