Mar 272020

[Video from Florida Keys News Bureau]

The Keys have been temporarily closed to visitors since March 22, because of the coronavirus crisis. 

Monroe County and its law enforcement partners coordinated the implementation of southbound traffic stops at mile marker 112.5 on the U.S. 1 (18-Mile Stretch) and on State Road 905 (Card Sound Road), to limit exposure to coronavirus and reinforce Monroe County’s closure to visitors and non-residents.

The stops are averaging about 20 to 22 turnarounds an hour according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol, both of which are manning the stations.

The stations began 24-hour operations Friday morning until further notice. The checkpoint is being reevaluated daily. Only residents, property owners, and those actively involved in work in the Florida Keys will be admitted, including fuel tankers, delivery and grocery trucks.

Proof of residency can be demonstrated with a resident reentry sticker, local identification, utility bill, deed, lease or tax bill. Those actively engaged in work in the Florida Keys, such as construction workers, will need to show a letter from their employer, employee identification, a paystub, or current construction contract in the Keys. First responders, healthcare workers and military actively engaged in work in the Keys will need proper IDs.

Delays are possible at checkpoints and officials advise not to call 911 with non-emergency questions about U.S. 1.

Go to for more information about Monroe County’s response to COVID-19, INCLUDING ALL UPDATES REGARDING U.S. 1. Residents can call the Monroe County Emergency Management information hotline at 800-955-5504, M-F 9-5.

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