Twisted Logic & Demagoguery Kills People



by John Donnelly…….

I Am The NRA….My life membership in this esteemed and enlightening association, has provided me with the means to advance my commitment towards peace and non-violence. Having witnessed barbarity and slaughter during war; an awakened acknowledgement and realization ignited my determination to seek a better way at resolving differences, while developing effective strategies to relate with my fellow man.

Motivated by anguishing recollections and spiritual discontent, I set out to understand the internal and external causes that precede the killing of a human being. War is a craven and potent phenomena driven by money and the powerful. The covetous desire for more, along with the maddening need to extinguish all real and imagined threats, which might impede one’s attainment of said desires, can create rationalized justifications for savage atrocities and mass murder. Marketing the distorted themes of such bloodthirsty conduct, has become a skillful enterprise pursued by corrupt governments and the military industrial complex.

An unsophisticated and simple man at my core, I was cognizant of not being cut from the same cloth, as those identified in the aforementioned categories. However, the convoluted and displaced emotions filling my mind and spirit had to be addressed before I could move on. Mending from my wounds required some time. I was required to cast aside old ideas, as I began to move in circles of those seeking alternatives to the violence I experienced. This commitment has been ongoing. Its prompted growth and evolution, securing a prominent place within my consciousness.

Scents, scenes and the horror of firearm violence has never left me. The copious amounts of blood, flesh and body fluids accumulated on my skin, clothing and fighting gear; deposited by myself, enemy combatants and colleagues, are an ever present reminder, memorializing the butchery that can be caused by firearms.

Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Inanimate objects are incapable of assuming a life of their own and suddenly make a decision to harm someone. A criminal’s, terrorist’s or soldier’s intent energizes these otherwise lifeless objects. The perpetrators of violence will use whatever means at their disposal to exact harm, death and destruction upon their targets.

Throughout recorded history, civilian governments and bureaucrats, along with their disingenuous, incompetent and negligent methods of relating to and interacting with the realities of their world; are responsible for generating and fostering a climate of chaos, calamity, distrust and death. An environment that breeds racial, religious and economic alienation. A backdrop for unrest, conflict and armed strife. More than two hundred and sixty two million citizens have been murdered by governments (262,000,000). Civilian leaders from some governments have demonstrated a penchant for murder. Proficient at enslaving children and innocent civilians, their expertise is legend.

My article suggests a countermeasure to the extraordinarily failed measures put forth by government, attempting to stem gun violence. It’s not endorsed by the mainstream media, nor does it adhere to the protractive and politically correct narratives advanced by the current regime.

Please bear with me….

Arriving back to the home-front, allowing some time to heal, I began teaching children identified as “troubled and disturbed”. I was also called upon to work with and mentor children living in an impoverished and crime ridden community.

Serious crime and gun violence were routine realities in the lives of these school children. I was alarmed by the degree of brutality and bloodshed that confronted my students. Authorities were regularly apprised and contacted concerning their blight, with the expectancy of securing additional protection for them. Jurisdictional agencies responded as best they could. However, little changed in their lives.

Rather than facing off against the disturbing malefactors tormenting these little ones, with like force, I turned to the God of my understanding and individuals that I trusted, as I sought guidance and intuitive awareness, as to what I should do. I did not want to exacerbate the troubles of an already problematic situation. I very much wanted to make the right move and decrease their torment.

Upon the recommendation of several colleagues my senior, I contacted the National Rifle Association seeking ideas and counsel, on how I might effectively ease the suffering of those placed under my care.

The NRA provided me with the “Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program”. This valuable and instructive tool positively energized and uplifted the mood of our classroom. While identifying the authentic fear, pain and trauma injuring these children; this curriculum stimulated discussion and reenactments of behaviors orientated towards realizing solutions. It provided an antidote to the toxicity consuming their young and vulnerable lives.

This innovative instrument of learning empowered its recipients with insight, hope and reassurance; particularly in light of the dangers that surrounded them.

The “Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program” was a springboard for new and challenging ideas contained within our syllabus. Lesson plan development incorporating resources from this program, sparked skill mastery for my students in unrelated content areas.

During the next 3 years, I began speaking on a weekly basis with incarcerated juveniles. We discussed many topics. The cause/effect of violence, nomenclature of a criminal, recidivism and the futility of gun violence; were regularly touched upon. Eddie Eagle resources and concepts were creatively utilized in many of these presentations.

The behavior, attitudes and achievement of my students and the juveniles I visited with, assumed a more positive and creative tone, as their lives and grades dramatically improved. Knowing they were safe in the classroom and probably secure in their dorms, was a stepping stone towards relief and healing. Their new beliefs gradually took hold of them. These ideas began to expand and uplift their consciousness, manifesting themselves in areas outside of the classroom.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is an organization that has saved and enriched the lives of young children, who were in many instances abandoned, unloved and neglected by society.

A lot of talk, rhetoric, name calling and hate speech has come from some ideologues that haven’t a clue; regarding the cessation of gun violence. It appears some have politicized ‘gun murder’ for their own selfish and political agendas, while refusing to acknowledge the success of programs repudiating and contradicting their indoctrinated beliefs and dogmas.

Obtuse and inflexible personalities in pursuit of denigrating and demonizing another, simply because of their position on the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, paralyzes the consensus required to factually frame and intelligently address this issue.

Researching and studying this topic through the years, to my regret, it appears for some that the ‘gospel of gun control’ has morphed into a religion worshipped upon an altar constructed of broken bodies and shattered families. In accordance with the crazed and intolerant minds of these extremists, a level of gun violence appears acceptable, so as to insure the collateral damage required for a political victory.

‘Terrorist and crime control’ can readily be achieved. It requires will and commitment. Within the confines of our surroundings, myself and many others have decreased the potency of this poison. Having proclaimed the trajectory of our lives, the universe coalesced, as we advanced confidently towards our objectives.

Moving forward with the issues of violence and gun control, let’s draw upon the accrued and collective wisdom of all concerned parties. Let each one of us present empirical data, developed and scientifically validated as accurate; replicating the experiences and methodology we utilized in creating a safer and more secure environment.

Piercing axiomatic demagoguery veiling the ‘gun control’ debate, without clear heads and clean facts, will remain an unobtainable fantasy, so long as violent partisanship is the preferred means of communication.

As a nation disassembles and children are butchered, while communities and the world are torn apart; angry and hateful surges of vitriol are being slung about from the white house to the outhouse. These fractured and touchy personalities, along with their narcissistic and egocentric leanings, have magnetizing an eclectic menagerie of ‘ne’er do wellers’, intent on benefitting from the pomp and circumstance of power; while being sycophantically manipulated to attack the second most important amendment in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Despite the leaderless and inferior examples holding center stage on this debate, we must forge past their propaganda and discover for ourselves: “What’s Going On”.

Successful individuals with authentic ideas have actually remedied this sickening plague. They’ve earned the right to be heard. Fixating on theories, hypotheses and hyperbole; along with a fascination of beliefs only designed to make one feel good, has sustained an unnecessary level of pain and suffering for the ‘innocence’ within our society and the world at large.

As a work under construction, I equate myself with all my Brothers and Sisters. My commitment is to truth, not consistency. I’ve grown, evolved and changed dramatically throughout my existence. I’ve learned to embrace life, open to its divergent perspectives and points of view. I’ve come to appreciate differences, while eagerly welcoming those better informed, with a superior intellect, into my life. I never learned anything from an individual who agreed with me.

Frequently being placed into situations where I’ve been called upon to exceed my limitations, I’ve found out how far I can actually go. I’m not afraid to fail or make a mistake.

Although determined to discard contemptuous ideas and beliefs designed to protect my pseudo self (ego), some of these flawed characteristics at times can seep through, poisoning the opportunity for a reasonable exchange of information. If any of these lingering traits have been detected via this article and I’ve offended anyone, I ask your forgiveness.

As a young man, I resolutely set forth to change the world. I wanted this planet to be a more peaceful place in which to live. Filled with a distorted sense of self, I proceeded to locate and meet with a spiritualized master. After explaining my concerns to him, he looked directly at me with his penetrating eyes, and advised me to: “change yourself”. He went on: “the world will change when you think peaceful thoughts and live a life of service and love”.

Disappointed and discouraged by this devout man’s inability to appreciate my many special gifts; I set out to find a self-realized master in Northern India near the base of the Himalayas. An advanced disciple of a renowned Hindu saint, certainly this wise and holy man would recognize my exceptional talents.

After an appropriate introduction, I sat before him and began to meditate. This ‘saint’ touched me at a point slightly elevated between my eyebrows (spiritual eye) and directed me to: “be nice”.

Stumbling forward over the course of my life, my understanding and meaning of these teachings have undergone kaleidoscopic interpretations. However, their intent and purpose have always remained clear.

Falling far short in my ability to implement these lessons into my life, I’ve not quit nor abandoned my effort. I believe some progress has been made along the way.

If our schools would disseminate knowledge, instruction and teachings in keeping with the aforementioned wisdom, within a “how to live curriculum”, a debate over ‘gun control’ wouldn’t be necessary, as the issue would be nonexistent.

In closing, allow me to offer 5 quotes from individuals not often drawn into a firearms discussion:

“A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer’s hand.”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

“But if someone has a gun and is trying to kill you … it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”
– Dalai Lama

“…the right to defend one’s home and one’s person when attacked has been guaranteed through the ages by common law.”
– Martin Luther King

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”
– Sigmund Freud

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25 thoughts on “Twisted Logic & Demagoguery Kills People

  1. “Researching and studying this topic through the years, to my regret, it appears for some that the ‘gospel of gun control’ has morphed into a religion worshipped upon an altar constructed of broken bodies and shattered families. In accordance with the crazed and intolerant minds of these extremists, a level of gun violence appears acceptable, so as to insure the collateral damage required for a political victory.”

    John, are you actually saying these words? You are implying that those that advocate , what I would call, rational gun control are “crazed and intolerant extremists” that in actuality are in some way pleased when men, women and children are chopped to pieces by other people with assault weapons because it furthers their “agenda” of said extremism.

    You are a good man, but we part ways here.

  2. A thought-provoking, powerful piece, John. You have the gravitas and integrity to take a position that most of your fellow writers, like Alex, will respectfully disagree with. If it is true, as you say, that we never learn anything from someone we agree with, you are making a lot of learning possible.

    I actually believe that the 2nd was indeed intended to guarantee the citizens the right to bear the kind of arms the British used against our revolutionaries. Without equal firepower then, we would not exist as a nation now. In that sense, we would need a lot more than automatic weapons to defend ourselves from similar tyranny. “Arms” may mean more than mere guns.

    But while it is true that guns don’t kill, the people shooting them do, there is something alarmingly wrong in the way people in this country are using them. Not to defend against tyranny, or true threats to our national security. They are being used by partially or fully deranged people to slaughter children and other innocents.

    What can we do about these atrocities? Is it simply the cost of living in a free society, with all of its rights?

    It gives me hope that people like you exist, John. You did get it–hey, you are in truth “nice.” And I know you will continue to help us all figure these things out.

  3. John, Woo! Knowing the goodness that underlies all you do, this is particularly difficult. John, “food doesn’t feed people, people do”. Is that statement any more ridiculous than the cliche you’ve used in this piece? John, “politically correct”? How can you call gun control such when the other side seems to have much more power? What if Ted Cruz said he believed in some kind of rational gun control? Would that be politically correct for him? There is no politically correct here. And to my good friend Mr. Boettger: Rick, a bunch of colonials in coon skin hats did not win the American Revolution. A well funded regular Colonial Army did, financed by outside sources, mainly the French. No serious change in any social system has ever come about because of privately armed, private citizens. Never!! And another thing John — you rant against ineffective, insincere governments, and you are right. But remember this, all governments are no more than the extension and reflection of the people they govern. Government is necessary in complex societies, and when the people are ready for such, then maybe we can have a decent government. So don’t blame it on the government, blame it on humanity. John, I’m sorry to say this, but your emotional attachment to things military and weaponry in general, has perverted your outlook here. A question: do you think anyone who wants a sub-machine gun should be able to have it? Nobody is trying to take away any rational person’s gun, but there has to be limits. John, I’ll never be anything more but your friend, and I’ll never have anything but the utmost respect for you, but I ask you to think about all this (the scary part is that you already have, and a lot). In truth, you’ve “unmade my day”. sincerely, Jerome

  4. Mr. Donnelly, you seem very qualified to answer a question that has bugged me for a long time: why won’t the NRA defend my right to bear a sawed-off shotgun? For personal defense a sawed-off shotgun (especially an over-and-under) is, in my opinion, THE weapon of choice. In tight quarters you can swivel easily to fire, whereas you can’t with a long rifle. With a concealed weapons permit, you can carry it easily under a jacket, again unlike a long rifle. So why won’t the NRA defend my right?? Arms are arms, but their failure to fully defend the 2nd Amendment deprives me of the arm of my choice. Disgraceful! Any explanation you can give me as a life member would be very much appreciated.

    Herb Walker
    Muncie, Indiana
    (Key West resident 1974-1980 and 1990-1993)

  5. Alex,

    Always value and appreciative your insights, perspectives and responses. Thanks for taking the time to make a comment.

    Having participated in constitutional revisionist movements/events at the state and federal level, over the course of many years, on both sides of the gun control issue; the “crazed and intolerant extremists” referred to in my article, are the anti-gun individuals I witnessed strategizing and politicizing the tragedies of the day to fit their narrative.

    Their motives were clear and shared unabashedly. Their “cause” (gun control) trumped the lives of those butchered. Plans were developed and corporate marketing agencies contracted with, in anticipation for the next time, innocent lives would be taken.

    Alex, there are saints and sinners on both sides of this issue.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Blessings for the New Year…

  6. Rick,

    I always look forward to receiving your beautiful, hopeful and encouraging words. You indeed have mastered the “written word”.
    Even in your critique, the manner in which you exchange information is filled with kindness and love. You maintain my full attention and acceptance of your positions.

    Our schools and the type (quality) of education they deliver to our children, dramatically impacts them and the society in which we live. It’s not hard to provide them with a “how to live” curriculum; amped up each year to maintain it grade appropriateness.

    Rick, each day we would start our class with the reading, interpretation and meditation upon ‘a positive thought for the day’.

    My students could be very ornery, outspoken and violent on occasion. All of them, without exception, would sit down and allow me to take them through this introductory exercise. Just as my students in the ‘maximum security prison for criminally insane adolescents’; it had an extraordinarily magnificent effect upon them.
    Their behavior, grades and attitudes rocketed upwards. They became more respectful and friendly towards one another.

    There are unlimited and potent opportunities available for us and our children, so as not to make our time on earth, a hell-hole.

    Three months ago the superintendent and school board received my proposal, whereby scholarships and credentialed instruction would be made available at our 3 high schools, addressing violence and ‘consciousness raising’ via meditation. After submitting it, I had to threaten withdrawing the proposal before I was contacted by the superintendent. He set a date that I was unable to meet with him (VA appointment), haven’t heard back from him.

    I may share this detailed program in an upcoming edition of “The Blue Paper”.

    Rick, the ball is in our court, if we move forward by educating our children in their totality, the issues of violence and inappropriate firearm use, will decrease significantly. The issue of gun control will become nonexistent.

    Your steady and strong voice of reason is a source of guidance and direction. Thank you so very much.

    With Love, Blessings & Respect…

  7. Jerome,

    Always value, respect and accept your take on life.

    I believe on the ‘intrinsic meaning of life’ we have more similarities than differences. Perhaps we don’t see eye to eye on every issue, however, by being honest and respectful with one another, I’ve learned and grown from your ideas and wisdom.

    I’ve viewed life through the filter of my birth and experience. I’ve attempted to include an intuitive awareness and cognition developed via my discontentment with the material world.

    I’m not overly attached or emotional behind the ‘gun control’ issue. I know what would work to decrease and potentially eliminate this blight upon society; however, I’ve not been able to garner the interest of those capable of instituting my proposals.

    I thank you for taking the time to offer your insights and perspectives.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessings for the New Year…

  8. Herb,

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article.

    It might get a little tight under there, carrying an over-and-under sawed off shotgun, as a concealed carry weapon.

    It’s my feeling that your ‘Constitutional Rights’ are yours to defend. Seeking support from a group or association, in defense of what you’ve interpreted as being a ‘right’, may provide you with some guidance and direction as you move forward. However, it’s my belief that no one individual is guaranteed free legal representation, as they proceed with a case to determine the legitimacy of their claims in court.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessings for the New Year…

  9. herb instead of the bulk of a sawed off may I suggest you look into a Taurus poly .410/45LC known as ‘the judge’. 410 shot shell pdx1 Winchester rounds preferably a combo box of .410 pdx and 45 long colt. the judge accommodates both effectively. pdx is noted as self defense ammo and self defense is primary in firearms ownership in my humble opinion.

  10. John, As always, I would not expect anything but the civilized response you’ve given me. But in this case I translate it as rejecting everything I said, without offering any rebuttal. I disagree, there is not extremism on both sides. This is the only country in the world that looks at firearms the way we do, and our related deaths bear this out. And as for Herb and your response to him, I think it is insanely pathetic to be even having the conversation Herb raises. If this is what a citizen of this country has to concern himself with, than this country should not exist. And I ask you once again, do you think anyone should be able to purchase of sub-machine gun on some kind of retail market? This hurts me John. I’ve met you, I love you, I respect you and your intellect, but if such a finely developed intellect can believe in what you’ve written in this article, than we are doomed. A hug, Jerome

      1. Why comment if you have nothing to say?

        We are not mind readers here. What do you find absurd about wankajm’s observation? I found it to be perfectly legit.

  11. Jerome,

    Because of individuals such as yourself and ‘Wankajm’ we are not, nor are we ever going to be doomed.

    Checks and balances vis-a-vis the pros and cons of the ‘gun control debate’, exist for the safety and protection of both sides. Eliminating and infringing upon our Bill of Rights is not a good move. The reckless express of a “right” does not appear to be smart. That is way there are so many rules and restrictions governing gun ownership.

    Jerome, there’re over 20,000 laws on the books restricting gun ownership. Sub-machine guns and automatic firing weapons (which accurately identifies what an assault weapon is) are forbidden to be sold. So your question is answered. In fact, an authentic ‘assault rifle ban already exists’. The term “assault weapons” is a politicized term devised by the anti-gun movement, which has no bearing in fact.

    The answer to bullying, violent assaults, including firearm and other type of weapon violence, along with injurious actions directed at another via word, mouth or deed; can be remedied by raising the consciousness and awareness of our students. This healing immediately begins upon introducing a program of meditation and introspection into a classroom, jail cell or prisoners’ cage isolated in solitary confinement. Trust me on this.

    We want the same thing. By pursuing it from different directions, we will impact the world rapidly and more directly.

    Please hold off your judgment, until I release my proposal and backing for the “Peace and Social Justice Scholarships” at are 3 high schools.

    We cannot cannibalize ourselves and expect to advance as a people and nation.

    With Love, Blessings & Respect…

    1. John, Please, no more about how many laws are on the books. Getting a gun legally or illegally is, in reality, much more easy (in fact there is not much difference in this country) here than anywhere else. It’s like the tax code — lots of rules, but even more loopholes for those who know how to play. John, I don’t want to carry a gun! I don’t want any kid’s teacher to be carrying a gun. I don’t want the guy next to me in the movies to be carrying a gun, on and on. What are you guys so afraid of?!. Are you cowards? Yes John, even you, why are you so afraid? I’ll await your “plan” and read it, as I do with everything, with objectivity and attention, best wishes, Jerome

  12. Wankajm,

    Always value your insights, understandings and perceptions. It’s good to hear from you.

    Intolerance disrupts and sabotages the free flow of ideas and information. Early on I found out that I was not accepted as a veteran wounded in combat, during an unpopular war. I initial sought approval, acknowledgement and recognition for the manner in which I performed my civilian duties and assignments. I soon found out that wasn’t going to happen.

    I did my own thing and my students continued to excel. I did not have tenure, I told my boss if you don’t like me so much, why don’t you get rid of me. It finally dawned on me that he couldn’t, as I effectively addressed a segment of the school population that no one else wanted or could manage.

    Long story short, I discovered the value of the NRA, when I turned to them for assistance in securing resources and materials, which would aid my students in processing the dangers and discomfort facing them.

    It took an outside evaluation by a Mayor from Florida’s largest city, to determine that what we were doing in our classroom, deserved the commissioning of a “personalized sculpture”, recognizing our outstanding work and achievements.

    I don’t want the prejudices and biases that we all possess to a certain degree, to interfere with an intelligent discussion of the facts as one knows them to be, regarding gun control.

    Wankajm, thank you for the poise and astuteness that you bring to the discussion. Your contributions are appreciated and valuable.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Blessings for the New Year…


    The Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council released the results of their research through the CDC last month. Researchers compiled data from previous studies in order to guide future research on gun violence, noting that “almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year.”

    “Most felons report obtaining the majority of their firearms from informal sources,” adds the report, while “stolen guns account for only a small percentage of guns used by convicted criminals.”

    Researchers also found that the majority of firearm deaths are from suicide, not homicide. “Between the years 2000 and 2010, firearm-related suicides significantly outnumbered homicides for all age groups, annually accounting for 61 percent of the more than 335,600 people who died from firearm-related violence in the United States.”

  14. Sister,

    Thanks for your contribution. You’ve brought up several good points. Hope all is well.

    A major problem effecting an honest and accurate discussion of the statistics related to gun violence, is the fact that time and time again distortions and manipulation of information, along with prevarications, are incorporated into the statistics presented as absolute fact.

    Willing media participants pick up this invalid data and run with it as though it’s the ‘gospel truth’. This has been a major drawback in advancing any meaningful dialogue concerning this highly charged and emotional issue.

    Thus, you’ve empty and meaningless rhetoric that is electrified with anger, distrust and hate.

    When renowned professors and scholars spend years researching studies on ‘gun violence’, coming up with conclusions that are antithetical to the anti-gun control movement, they are viciously attacked and their reports hidden from public view.

    Thanks again for the well-written and put together input.

    With Love, Blessings & Respect on this Holiday Season…

  15. john the problem I’ve encountered time and again with the ‘liberal collectivist’ agenda is its dishonest method of dealing with subjects such as gun regulation as in your example of ‘assault rifle’ that the left constantly mimics when in fact an ar15 or ak47 non auto is no different then any other rifle single trigger pull single shot period….they just ‘LOOK’ militarily menacing. I call that stretch on reality ‘fraudulent’ on behalf of the left. hell if their argument held water then why flat out lie? we see this exaggeration over and over in the left’s proclamations as in now so called ‘climate change’. in the 70s it was global freezing and when that didn’t pan out it went to global warming and when that didn’t pan out its now climate change and the dishonesty of it all is the tag ‘DENIER’ with calls to make it a criminal offense as absurd as that is for anyone with a differing opinion especially based on all the fudging of data from officialdom that scrambles to cover up their misdeeds. I promise not to say a thing about Hillary’s emails either just as the left is saying as little as possible and blaming it all on the republicans or bush whichever is convenient.
    I also ponder how someone who has never even touched a gun as our dear friend jerry would know the difference between a real ‘assault weapon’ and a ‘liberal agenda assault weapon’?
    as for the nra or goa or any other lobby group as the left has their own too such as handgun control etc. the arguments that any group puts forward need be tempered with the filter of integrity for truth and reality and when lacking be called out for the fraud it is!

  16. Jerome,

    Thank you for the comments and insight that you share.

    You cannot equate the legal possession of a firearm; with illegal gun ownership. Just as you cannot compare law-abiding citizens with criminals.

    Jerome, your preference for not owning or carrying a firearm; is emphatically granted. However, your right not to own or carry, cannot infringe upon the Constitutional Right for an American “to keep and bear arms”.

    If you want to deny others of this Right, the 2nd Amendment must be repealed.

    It is not a matter of cowardliness or courage. Invectives will not advance an intelligent, objective and honest discussion of this highly charged issue.

    I sincerely appreciate your participation in the dialogue. I respect and value your input.

    Blessings & Respect…Always…

  17. Wankajm,

    Thank you for continuing this discussion.

    ‘Unabashed Dishonesty’, with the backing of a willing media and regime, is not an attractive nor engaging characteristic. It does not engender trust and a willingness to work with the other side, on developing measures that authentically and effectively address gun violence.

    Even though I grew up under the instruction: “sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you”, when you hurl a cascading flow of insults at me, it’s a turn off.

    I would think those proponents of free speech, would welcome the expression of new and different ideas ( vive la difference) .

    Why does fraud and corruption appear to be the bedrock of a misleading argument. Is the Truth so outlandish, it cannot bear being mentioned?

    I’ve followed the instruction of my Teacher, as I’ve pressed forward in this life attempting to “be nice”.

    Thanks again for your contributions.

    Blessings & Respect…

  18. Mr. Donnelly

    The force and power of your words are persuasive.They’re in keeping with the love and compassion you’ve given to others. Your actions have brought hope to people in dire circumstances. At times fear and anger have been evoked in those threatened by the effectiveness and intensity of your work. The endeavors you’ve engaged in are beyond reproach. I respect and admire the work you’ve done. Please continue to fill cyberspace with positive vibrations published in “Key West The Newspaper”–“The Blue Paper”.

  19. John, No John, you are missing the point. Getting guns legally and illegally are about the same thing in this country. I equate them. Now, this issue obviously gets the shackles up on just about anyone, and I appreciate everyone’s participation, whether they agree with me or not because this is how I learn if my point of view has any merit. In this case, nothing I’ve heard here is any different from the usual cliches spouted by the gun people. What makes it a loser for my side of the debate is that the gun side is much more passionate about this fight. If there ever were a “silent majority” on any issue, this is it. I’ve also had an epiphany on this subject by reading much of the discourse set forth here. I’ve come to realize that all you “gun people”, in spite of your rhetoric, don’t give a rat’s ass for the 2nd amendment and all your precious rights and freedoms; don’t give a crap for being able to protect yourselves from all those horrible people out there trying to harm you; don’t give a hoot for defending yourselves from the big bad government, no! The plain truth is that you love guns, in much the same way someone might collect antique cars or cigar boxes. It’s a fetish for you guys. And guess what … the sensible gun control laws that would supposedly ruin your lives would not eliminate this fetish. I wish you all well and fervently hope you can get thru another day without having to defend yourselves with a gun and without being shot by one turned upon you. sincerely, jerome

    1. poor poor jerry you refuse to get even an inkling of a clue and it takes a dozen inklings for one clue! instead you create more mental havoc for yourself with your mocking ways that have no redeeming value whatsoever. a lost cause indeed. wjm

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