Community News: The Historic Ordination of Reverend Mother Sarah Fowler

by Arida Wright…….

On April 30, 2017 the historic ordination of Reverend Mother Sarah Fowler took place at Peace Covenant Presbyterian Church located at 2610 Flagler Avenue. There, the AGAPE National Catholic Church of North America celebrated her first mass.

Their mission statement from their web site states: To bring the fullness of Christ’s message to ALL without judgment, ridicule, or condemnation. They are an ALL – INCLUSIVE Faith Community welcoming everyone looking for Spiritual Healing. Their members come from many “organized” religions as well as those persons who are marginalized or shunned by the Roman Catholic community because of their marital status, their sexual orientation or identification, or because of other circumstances which “separates” them from experiencing a loving and welcoming Spiritual Family. Their message is “Love without judgement so that all may be one.”

According to Father Csar Guzman, “There are many women priests around the world but this event is historic because Reverend Mother Sarah Fowler is the first woman to be validly ordained Independent Catholic Priest in Key West and she is also the first black woman priest in Key West!”

I first met this woman of God while attending St. Peter’s Church. Her grace and charisma was to be admired. Adorned in a long white robe, she always greeted me with so much love and compassion I felt compelled to come back.

To honor her historic ordination at AGAPE National Catholic Church or North America, I inquired what was it that inspired her to become a priest and her response was, “I grew up watching my Grandmother take care of sick people all my life. And then I had already been feeding the homeless for twenty years and a Hospice volunteer for eight years. Attending to people in their last days of life and giving comfort to them and their families was very fulfilling. So when God “called” me, (and you can’t run from God), I wanted to make a difference. My greatest peace comes from serving the Lord and doing His will. My life does not belong to me but to others. I put Him first and give all the glory to Him.”

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Arida Wright
Arida Wright, President of Powerlines Healing by the Sea Ministries lives her philosophy of self-empowerment, which for her is a lifelong mission of spirituality. She is a Minister of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. Arida is a columnist with Key West The Newspaper (The Blue Paper). Her work has also been published in the Key West Citizen. An example of Arida’s poetry will be featured in Key West Laureate, Flower Conroy’s, upcoming anthology entitled Poets in the Garden, published through a grant by the Anne McKee Fund. Arida began writing poetry in the sixth grade and became involved with the Key West Poetry Guild by reading an original piece at their Celebration of Black History Poets program. She is also a professional event planner and loves to host parties for people.

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