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by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….

According to a recent report by FEMA, nearly a thousand residents impacted by Hurricane Irma are still homeless and living in hotels in the Keys at the edge of this new year. Others are staying in tents in yards or at a friend’s home. Many of them lived in trailer homes now blown away or condemned. Others were liveaboard boaters whose homes were sunk or destroyed by the storm. Their fate is uncertain. This is the inspirational story of a group of Key West liveaboard kids left homeless by hurricane Wilma [2005].

[This documentary was originally published in December 2015]

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Arnaud and Naja Girard
Arnaud and Naja Girard, publishers and editors of the new, digital, Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) previously reported for the former Key West The Newspaper, Key West’s longest running independent weekly, published by Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D., from January 1994 until November 2012. The Girards are perhaps best known for their discovery of and extensive research surrounding the US Navy’s 1951 claim of ownership of Wisteria Island but are also responsible for top investigative stories including breaking news coverage of the highly controversial in-custody-death of Charles Eimers on Thanksgiving Day 2013, the catastrophic police tasing of Matthew Shawn Murphy, and the property tax scandal involving Balfour Beatty to name a few. Additionally the Girards have become well known for their in-depth investigations into local governments' sometimes questionable dealings with high dollar developers. Arnaud and Naja have lived in Key West since 1986.
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  4 Responses to “The Children of Hurricanes”

  1. A beautiful way to remember and catch up. What a magical place we live in, and even moreso for these delightful children.

  2. Key West Boat Kids… Followed along for years and wondered how they survived Irma. Such talented and resilient kids. Their music is magical. Their thirst for life will be rewarding. I will be reminded of them and this story every year we visit Key West.

  3. Am sure at times life was very hard on them but they also gained something that very few kids today learn. It is a way to live that will not hurt them. Most if not all turned out great. I personally would not mind trying to live this way.

  4. I overlooked this at first. Saw half of it two days ago and finished it today. I am moved almost to tears, wistful ones. To see the innocence of the boat kids and then the beautiful grown-ups they’ve become gives me hope that we’ll one day be governed by such as them.

    You two, Arnaud and Naja, have developed into talented documentary producers, as well as skilled screenwriters/cinematographers. It’s a nice add to your talents.

    I’m a huge fan of the Blue Paper, since 1999 and now even more since its re-generation under your guidance.

    Can’t you find a real patron or five who will grant you the money needed to keep you going? I fear that the Patreon approach won’t raise enough to get you even close to your goal. The deadline for a Pulitzer nomination is unfortunately too close (January 25) to be of any help this year.

    Thanks for giving me a way to remain in touch with the Key West I loved.

    Bob Kelly
    Whiskey Creek, FL

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