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Term Limits

Dear Editor:

Well folks, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority met last Tuesday. The issue of term limits was discussed. It appears that most of the Commissioners are in favor of term limiting the board. To quote Martha Stewart, “that is a very good thing”. But it looks like some commissioners seem to be in favor of term limits of 12 to 16 years. It looks like your input has made a difference.

Dear Friends: term limits are a “very good thing” but such a long time is a “not such a good idea.” 12 to 16 year terms is not much better than a sharp stick in the eye.

The President of the United States is limited to 2 four year terms. Why? Because longer terms are not in the public interest.

The Florida Legislature has two houses: the Senate and the House. State representatives may be elected for up to four terms (eight years), while state senators can be elected for up to two terms (eight years). Former members can be elected again after a two-year break. Why? Because wisdom gained though the years has shown us that longer terms can lead to abuse of power.

Dear Friends: I can think of no reason why our Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority should be term limited any differently than our state legislature.

If you agree, I urge you to let your thoughts be known to the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Authority at: [email protected]. That’s the address of the Director. If you wish to contact the individual board members, you can find their email addresses at: http://keysmosquito.org. Your voice will make a difference.

Just do it!

Walter Lagraves

One thought on “Term Limits

  1. Wholly agree!! Many people run for offices in Monroe County for the salary and benefits, e.g. health insurance at MCC and the School Board. The latter includes retirement benefits as well. They view these offices as sinecures. No wonder they want term limits of 16-20 years! Whatever happened to the Jacksonian rotation in office?

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