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An Open Letter to State Representative Holly Raschein

Dear Ms Rashein,

Please inform the people who you represent why the State of Florida continues to Discriminate against the CHILDREN going to school at the Big Pine school??? All up and down SR-5 there are Marked School Zones. Even Religious schools. Some of these school zones actually have Traffic lights and uniformed officers monitoring the intersection.

However not on Big Pine Key. What the State has chosen to Protect our children on this Widened portion is SR-5 is four (4) removable traffic cones with small signs attached to the top. (Is this configuration listed in the States MOT manual????) and some Old guy with a traffic vest with a hand held Stop sign placing and removing these Questionable traffic control devices. The speed limit days is 45 MPH, Northbound has 2 lanes, Southbound 1 lane and a turn lane between.

So Holly, please explain to your constituents why the State of Florida doesn’t care about Our School Children here on BPK but the rest of the school children in the County are well protected. It’s a State Highway and the State’s Liability.

Eugene E. Nanay Jr.

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One thought on “An Open Letter to State Representative Holly Raschein

  1. It appears that the State of Florida is more interested in protecting the Pigmy Virginia White Tails. Driving up from Key West there are seven (7) warning signs for the Deer but Zero (0) School Zone signs. In the thirty(30) years I’ve lived on Big Pine I’ve observed that anytime things have to be trimmed down BPK is the first to be left out

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