Feb 172017

Adangelie Silva, Elsie Warwick, Evelyn Merritt, teacher Danille Gould and Mayor Craig Cates.

Mayor Craig Cates last week commended Basilica School of Saint Mary’s Star of the Sea art teacher Danielle Gould for her dedication and service to the children of Key West.

The commendation notes that she inspires students to be better citizens and to become the decision makers of the future.

“Her continued support in her classroom motivates her students to be involved and participate in afterschool projects like the City of Key West Recycled Robot Art Contest,” reads the commendation. “The environment in Key West is very important to our way of life and so are the Arts, which is one of the reasons this art contest is a good lesson for students. It makes them look at their resources and how they can be repurposed.”

Three of Key West’s brightest, Adangelie Silva, Elsie Warwick and Evelyn Merritt, students of Ms. Gould, entered a recycled art piece into the city contest in November, and their art piece was a winner.

“What is particularly inspiring about the level of service provided by Ms. Gould and all teachers are all the extra hours they invest in the children of the Keys,” continues the commendation. “The extraordinary commitment to excellence and all the extra time and support are examples of her positive impact.”

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