Jun 142020

by Naja Girard

The governor of the state of New York just initiated an interesting program: over the next nine months he invites every community in his state to “put pen to paper” and propose what kind of police force they want. “It’s not that government gives us their vision of what the police should look like because we have government’s vision of what the police should look like: It’s called the current police.” He wants to hear what ideas the people have to propose. Now that is a great idea. Why couldn’t the Keys and Key West do the same?

In recent years the Blue Paper has accumulated a good amount of information about policing in the Keys. Not just about policing black people but also about poor people, homeless people, people living on boats, immigrants, as well as local big wigs and bubbas.

This is not about politics or police bashing. The crime rate in the Keys is going down which certainly shows that police are doing their job efficiently. This is about opening up a debate about what justice looks like for those who might not be enjoying that “equal protection of the law.” We should not believe our “one human family” is perfect without first taking a hard look at the facts.

Over the next few months, the Blue Paper will focus on those stories that shed light on the dark corners. Some of the stories are previous reporting which have relevance today like the video below. Some are current affairs.

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  9 Responses to “Should the Keys Have a Debate about Policing?”

  1. I notice things in the videos that were not mentioned.
    The first is that the suspects are immediately told to leave the dash camera’s field of view.
    The searches were without warrants and without even “probable cause”. Was this the standard local police tactic of “I smell marijuana”? A friend who has not used marijuana in many years, does not use any illegal drugs, does not carry passengers who toke, and was driving a new car just a few months old was cited by MC police for bumping a parked car (but she had stayed on scene and reported the minor damage), had her car searched after a responding MC cop stated loudly “I smell marijuana.” He did not actually smell anything.. That loophole needs to cease. Nothing was found in the warrantless search. She had checked herself out of hospital the day before although she could barely walk on swollen feet, and had just come from her physician’s office, where he took blood, so she had a needle hole in her arm. She was arrested and jailed as DUI, although she blew a zero on the breathalyzer. Her car was towed although I was a few blocks away and could have collected the car faster than the tow truck, but a call was denied. It cost about $800 with storage fees to have her car released, and there was new damage to it in unrelated areas.
    She offered a blood test to clear her of drugs, but the offer was refused. They took a urine sample instead, but lost the report. Bail was expensive. A lawyer cost thousands. This made her second DUI arrest,and although there were no convictions, a police record search shows both arrests. I absolutely do not trust the local police nor any local government official. .

  2. Defend the Police! Or rather the over 99% who are doing a great job often under extremely difficult circumstances. If anyone wants to have a discussion then go ahead, but President Trump’s 1st Step, Executive Order guideline is just a starting point for upcoming legislation. Further, I personally would not use New York Gov. Cuomo as a “guiding light” for anything, ESPECIALLY after he ORDERED nursing homes to take in those who tested positive for the Batvirus – which helped cause the deaths of thousands. The only time I would listen & agree with Gov. Cuomo is if he said “I resign.” Same with New York Mayor De Blasio who allowed sections of New York City to be destroyed by local criminals and outside gangs of many stripes. Previously, De Blasio also had a hand in the disrespect for police officers and the law when they were ordered not to respond when people poured buckets of water and worse on them. Overall, we don’t have a police problem, we have a criminal problem – and a problem with certain mayors and governors across America, imo.

  3. And one more thing: New York Gov. Cuomo’s decision to force nursing homes to take in “those who tested positive for the Batvirus” is one of the biggest mistakes in recent American history, imo, along with George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, and the phony impeachment attempt of President Trump. My remarks are not meant to be directed at you, Naja & Arnoud, it’s just the way I see it – and contrary to the corrupt media and swamp dwellers that have brainwashed the American public for the last 4 years against President Trump, his family and team. And yes, it is called brainwashing.

    • Yeah I’d say it’s about time. I mean they did say in writing that Charles Eimers ran down the beach and collapsed in the beginning then they chased away witnesses and deleted video as well as tazer recordings. Personal accountability should be expected

  4. Yeah I’d say it’s about time. I mean they did say in writing that Charles Eimers ran down the beach and collapsed in the beginning then they chased away witnesses and deleted video as well as tazer recordings. Personal accountability should be expected

  5. The old saying: “Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country.” Stand up for America and law enforcement as they are part of the glue that helps to keep America together. Be a leader, be an example for people to see that we appreciate the tough jobs they are doing. Give them a thumbs up when you see them, and set the tone for what a good City should be. Let others across America know that we’re not followers and can think and act on our own. Don’t follow those whose only intent is to destroy, and constantly cause chaos IN YOUR COUNTRY.

  6. Years ago in a wide ranging poll taken in person in several Middle East countries about the Israel/Palestinian conflict, Frida Ghitis came up with these astonishing and completely unexpected consensus results. The main concerns of the people interviewed were not about Israel, but instead and not necessarily in order: 1) Lack of job opportunities 2) Very difficult to open a business of their own with government being a huge obstacle 3) Lack of good schools and education 4) Poor hospitals and health care 5) With the Israel/Palestinian problem lagging well behind with their discontent – making their own governments the biggest problem they faced. 6) Keep in mind that Muslims occupy 99% of the land of the Middle East while Israel takes up just 1%.

    The question of why terrorists are terrorists – the best reason I could come up with, Satan and revenge excluded, is that terrorists – hate themselves, hate their lives, hate their own countries, and want everyone else to be as miserable as they are in this life on earth.

    People and mobs in America are demanding better police depts. with better personnel, but at the same time they do not seem like they are willing to compromise and be better people themselves. This can’t be a one-way street, consequently, to find a big part of the problem look into a mirror.

  7. Regardless of your political affiliation, President Trump’s proposed plan for an open air National Garden of American Heroes is a BRILLIANT idea. Garden candidates with accomplishments that have contributed greatly in a positive way for America, and appropriate sites to be considered are to be completed in the next 60 days. Possible choices could be: Louis Armstrong, Davy Crockett, Ronald Reagan, Neil Armstrong and other astronauts, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Edison, Dr. Jonas Salk, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Jackie Robinson, Sgt. Alvin York, Chuck Yeager, Sam Houston, Frederick Douglass, Alexander Graham Bell among others in an expanding list. A few of these choices were mentioned by others as examples, but I have added some of my own. Who would be on your list?

    This might not seem to fit in with a ‘Defend the Police’ topic at hand here, but it does have great meaning as one way to turn the tide of an increasing sea of lawlessness. Some will get this, some will not, while some do not want Americans to get back together on the same page or close to it like it used to be.

  8. The question of why terrorists are terrorists – the best reason I could come up with, Satan and revenge excluded, is that terrorists – hate themselves, hate their lives, hate their own countries, and want everyone else to be as miserable as they are in this life on earth”

    I’ll start off here by using my own above statement. Hopefully, at least one person understands that although I mentioned Middle East terrorists in a previous post, by extension I obviously was also referring to terrorists in America who have been rioting, looting, murdering and destroying property on a large scale. What comes to mind is that the leaders of these homegrown groups could possibly be setting the stage for a more violent uprising which would to some extent mirror the bands of armed, roving militias of Iraq and other areas even to include Venezuela. Here in America just like in Iraq, an individual can be armed with an AR-15 or AK-47 to protect his/her family. BUT, what good would that do against an angry mob that is also armed? 300 or more against 1-5 people is not good odds, and the home owner or business owner has to sleep sometime.

    So here’s where the Police Depts. come into play, and why at this point-in-time cities and states need to DOUBLE police presence and capabilities, not take them away. Otherwise, we’ll end up in chaos like Iraq or Venezuela. Or maybe this is what the 2 phrases of: “fundamentally change America,” and “Transform America” really mean? Hand cuffs are made FOR criminals and NOT to be used on ENTIRE Police Depts., which is exactly the opposite of what some governors and mayors are obviously doing. The choice is clear – LAW AND ORDER or CHAOS.

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