Sheriff’s Deputy Involved in Head-On Collision / Second in Two Days Near MM 16 on US 1

Photo credit: Kurt Doerfel

The second major head-on collision in two days at the 16 mile mark on Highway U.S. One involved a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy who, after crawling out of his overturned patrol car, without missing a beat, ran over to assist passengers in the two other vehicles involved.

Deputy Daniel Hill reported that he was northbound at 12:30 a.m., returning to his Marathon duty post after transporting a prisoner from Marathon to the Stock Island Detention Center. He said he saw an oncoming vehicle pull into his lane of travel and it was too late to avoid the crash.

Deputy Hill sustained minor injuries. There were no major injuries involved in the crash.

Local resident Kurt Doerfel was driving south on U.S. when he came upon the overturned patrol car. He provided the video footage and photographs below to The Blue Paper.

The road was closed for approximately two hours as the Florida Highway Patrol investigated the circumstances of the crash. That agency will be releasing more information as they complete their investigation.




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7 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Deputy Involved in Head-On Collision / Second in Two Days Near MM 16 on US 1

  1. Yes, great he survived but knowing cops he was likely doing far over the speed limit and that if true contributed to the accident. Passing is always a guessing game because you do not know the oncoming cars speed. If the 45 turns out to be 75 then the math gets crazy.

    What I don’t understand is why Fridays clean up took 4 hours. You take witness statements, mark location, skid marks, mark them, video it. Yes am sure an hour was used to remove the injured. After that 3 tow trucks and a broom. They then need broom or fire truck to clean off road. They backed traffic up over 30 miles. Must be a faster method. Not much to understand, the pickup truck caused it all. The results of such a delay caused unneeded delays. It crippled traffic for many other keys. Had they sent someone with info many could got off and had lunch. Very poor handling. Yes feel for all that were injured but they should been gone in less than an hour.

    This did teach us a lesson, we will never get behind a vehicle we can’t see around. Proof of that cost the man his life.

    1. Speaking of guessing games…are you guessing about the conditions of the accident in question? Or, do you know some facts? That’s why they have investigations. And, they are far more detailed than you imply…especially when there are fatalities/injuries involved.


        1. Once this winds up in court, you’d be amazed at the questions that are asked…the evidence that must be provided. While investigators on-scene usually can reasonably conclude who did what to whom, it is the court that makes the final decisions.


          1. I am willing to bet they will ask the speed that the cop was going and do look for a cover up on his case. Paid extra attention to the mile marker 16 area today. If going 55 I bet he could have hit breaks and went off onto shoulder.

            As to the first accident . Just what makes the evidence the total job of the cops ? They provide the basics and up to the defendant to hire a lawyer to prove his case. It does not take 4 hours.

            How many other wrecks are created out of a 30 mile back up ? Is one thing to investigate and another to back up traffic for hours.

            You can believe what you like but what is not found in 1 hour won’t change in 4.

            The real evidence will come from others that watched it happen and even then only half true at best.

  2. I remain astonished by the lack of, or limited selective enforcement, of traffic laws in Monroe County. The night after the original MM16 accident, I was traveling to Key west just past MM16 when two vehicles blew by me in excess of 80 miles per hour with a car clearly too close in the opposing lane to allow safe passing. Both car swerved back into my lane requiring me to put on my brakes to avoid a collision. To my surprise, and I am sure theirs, the oncoming car was a Monroe County Sheriff. The Sheriff car continued on without any effort to enforce the law, in a situation that could have replicated this reported accident.
    I am not suggesting that vehicle’s be stopped for going a few miles over the speed limit, but the obvious reckless and dangerous behavior that takes place frequently on our roads should be addressed. Safe travels in the new year everyone 🙂

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