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Man shot by coworker in Key Largo

Two Alabama men were in an altercation Thursday night. One man shot the other twice. The victim was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center where he is reported to be in stable condition.

According to the suspect and his co-workers, the 48 year old victim, Michael Sproul, and the 53 year old suspect, Jerome Gant got into a confrontation earlier in the day during which Sproul pulled a knife and threatened Gant. He also reportedly hit Gant in the face.

After they finished working, Sproul reportedly followed Gant to the trailer they were all staying in at 825 Largo Road and threatened Gant again. At that point, Gant armed himself with a handgun belonging to another man.

Just before 7:30 p.m. Sproul confronted Gant again, this time armed with what looked like a rifle and turned out to be a pellet gun. He pointed it at Gant and, after ordering Sproul to drop the rifle, Gant shot him twice with the handgun.

Major Crimes Detective Bob Dosh responded to the scene. After interviewing the suspect and witnesses, all of whom told the same stories, the suspect was not arrested. Detective Dosh will be continuing his investigation into the case.

Miami man, stopped during curfew, arrested on multiple charges

A Miami man, driving through the area of Duck Key after the 10 p.m. curfew, was arrested on multiple charges Tuesday night.

Deputy Ian Douthirt was on patrol at the 61 mile marker just before 11 p.m. when he stopped a gray Toyota for being out past curfew. He identified the driver as 36 year old James Winters of Miami. Winters told the deputy he had gotten a job on Cudjoe Key and was driving back to Miami. He was unable to provide any information, however, about who he was working for or specifically where he was working on Cudjoe Key.

Sgt. James Hager and Deputy Mario Benedetti arrived as back up on the traffic stop. A check through computers revealed he has a suspended driver’s license and is designated a habitual traffic offender. Inside his vehicle, the officers found Xanax which Winters could not show he had a prescription for, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. In a backpack they found a 9mm handgun, fully loaded. Winters is a convicted felon, so it is illegal for him to possess a firearm. He also has outstanding warrants in Miami-Dade county for grand theft auto and is on probation for grand theft auto.

Winters was taken to jail. He is charged with driving with license suspended, violation of the curfew, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia as well as being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Drunk man, trespassing, is arrested

A drunk man who was caught trespassing on Bud and Mary’s Marina property after curfew was arrested after he lied to officers and could not explain why he was wandering around in the area.

A security guard at the marina called the Sheriff’s Office just before 1 a.m. after he encountered 46 year old Gregory Pope of Tavernier stumbling around the property. Pope was belligerent to the guard and subsequently belligerent to responding deputies.

Sheriff’s deputies on scene attempted to find out what he was doing there and where he lived. Pope was uncooperative and replied with obscene comments. When deputies asked where he lived, he gave two different streets, but could not provide street numbers. When deputies asked him to leave the property, he refused obscenely and became aggressive towards the officers.

When they could not ascertain where he was staying or what he was doing there, and when the property owner said no one was authorized to be on the property, Pope was arrested. He was charged with trespassing and violating curfew and he was taken to jail.

Man arrested for burglary at Ocean Reef

Sheriff’s deputies and Ocean Reef Public Safety Officers arrested a Miami man Tuesday evening for burglarizing a house at the Key Largo resort neighborhood.

Deputy Kyle Page was contacted by a public safety officer just before 6 p.m. who said a suspicious person riding a bike had just fled from him when he asked him who he was and what he was doing there. He said the man was riding a bike and, when he asked him for his name and asked if he was a resident, the man told him to mind his own business and he fled on the bike toward the front gate.

A short time later, a citizen called Sheriff’s dispatchers to say a man fitting the bike rider’s description was attempting to flag down vehicles just south of the Ocean Reef gate. An Ocean Reef officer responded to that location The man was riding his bike on County Road 905 and refused to stop when ordered to do so. As the officer followed, the man dropped his bike and jumped into the water, swimming away.

At that point, Deputy Page received information there had been a burglary reported at Ocean Reef at a home on Exuma Drive. Someone entered the home and took a money clip with cash in it. During the investigation of the burglary, deputies learned there was a day worker at the resort that had gone missing from his job site. He fit the description of the person who was fleeing from officers. He was identified as 22 year old Michael Brandt.

Deputy Page responded to the location where the suspect had jumped into the water. When he got there he spotted him, and told him he wanted to speak with him. The man – later identified as Brandt – ran and jumped back in the water, again swimming away.

As deputies were searching for him, an FWC officer on his way to assist found Brandt standing on the roadway. He was taken into custody. He admitted entering a house and taking a nap in the air conditioning. He also admitted taking money that was in the house. He said when he woke up he heard people in the house, so he fled.

Brandt was arrested. He was charged with burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. He was booked into jail.

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