Apr 082016

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Senate Bill 912 Deters Elaborate Defrauding Schemes

Miami– Today, Governor Rick Scott signed into law Senate Bill 912, Fraudulent Activities Associated with Payment Systems, sponsored by Senator Anitere Flores (R-Miami). The bill protects Florida consumers by increasing the penalties for criminals who steal financial information from customers at gas stations.

“I am grateful for the support of Governor Scott on this bill to protect Florida consumers and for Commissioner Putnam’s work in identifying these sophisticated schemes to defraud the public,” said Senator Flores. “Working with the Commissioner, this legislation seeks to curb the act of “skimming,” or the illegal capture of consumers’ credit or debit card information at gas pumps across Florida. Increasing the penalties against individuals involved in the theft of fuel and requiring gasoline pumps to install advance security measures will assist in deterring this criminal activity that raises costs for all consumers.”

The bill addresses fraudulent activity occurring at fuel stations to increase the penalty for unlawful conveyance of fuel from a third degree felony to a second degree felony. The bill requires each person who owns or manages a retail petroleum fuel measuring device (fuel pump) with a scanning device to affix or install a security measure on the fuel pump to restrict the unauthorized access of customer payment card information.

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services may prohibit the use of a fuel pump until a security measure is installed, replaced, or repaired. The department must provide written notice to the owner or manager of noncompliance and allow the owner or manager five days to come into compliance. If a repeat violation is found on the same fuel pump, the department may immediately take the fuel pump out of service.

In addition, the bill revises the offense of trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and related documents to include possession and provide that this offense applies to trafficking in or possession of five such cards or documents. Finally, the bill creates tiered penalties for the revised offense of trafficking in or possession of counterfeit cards and related documents based upon the number of items involved.

For more information, please visit www.FLSenate.gov.

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