Samaritans Save Children

Three Key West children were saved from drowning Saturday by quick-thinking Good Samaritans. Rev. Daniel John Anspach had just come home to his West Isle apartment when he noticed three kids at the pool. From his second floor balcony, he observed them jump into the pool’s deep end. He watched for a few seconds and realized they did not surface. His nearby neighbor Diana Reshetko Rosa and her father Anatoly Reshetko also saw the incident, and all three heroes bolted to the children’s rescue.

Anspach immediately jumped in the water, lifting each of the unconscious children out of the pool. They were not breathing. Rosa and Reshetko began CPR. Reshetko administered CPR to two of the children until Anspach jumped out of the water and began CPR along with Rosa and Reshetko.

Anspach, Rosa and Reshetko were able to revive all three children before the ambulance arrived. The kids – a three year old boy, a four year old girl and a 12 year old girl – were all flown to Miami Children’s Hospital. All three have since been released.

Reshetko told detectives later it was a miracle that he happened to be visiting this country at this moment, putting him here to help save the lives of these kids.

“If not for the quick action by these three Good Samaritans,” said Detective Stephen Mitchell, “Those children would not be alive today.”


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