Jun 232017

Some time ago at

Elizabeth and Eaton

there was a stop sign.

~ by Rodger Stuart Davis

Rodger’s photography books are available on Amazon.

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 June 23, 2017  Posted by at 1:06 am Issue #224, Rod-Stu-Da Photo of the Week  Add comments

  One Response to “RodStuDa’s Photo of the Week”

  1. Actually there are a number of places where there used to be stop signs and they just disappear and never get replaced. Also the shopping centers, esp. Key Plaza used to have signage and lines on the exits so people knew, for instance, that the exit onto Kennedy was two lanes, with a left turn lane. Now, every left turn blocks everyone until opposing traffic clears. And of course, people are too stupid to move into the intersection so other traffic can get around them.

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