Reef Relief’s Discover Coral Reefs School Program 2016-2017


Reef Relief is gearing up to continue its Discover Coral Reefs School Program. This collaborative program between Reef Relief and the Monroe County District Schools introduces students to the value and importance of the local coral reef ecosystem and how they can become good stewards of the environment. The lessons include interactive presentations, a film, and a corresponding activity, which could include a science experiment on ocean acidification, an anatomy lesson of a coral polyp, or a coloring craft.

For elementary school students, we teach our Introduction to the Coral Reef Ecosystems lesson. For the middle school students, we have additional lessons including Fish Identification and Anatomy, Oceanography, Water Quality, and Environmental Issues. Reef Relief offers this program FREE of charge throughout the Florida Keys.

For more information about bringing the Discover Coral Reefs School Program to your classroom, please contact our new Education Coordinator, Laurel Zaima, at (305) 294-3100 or email [email protected].

Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem.

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