Project Update: Rehabilitation of the Reynolds Street Pier

Monroe County’s $478,000 rehabilitation project at the Reynolds Street Pier is scheduled for completion on Nov. 14, 2018.

The project, funded by a Florida Department of Transportation grant, includes construction of a Scenic Vista pedestrian plaza at the entrance to the pier at Monroe County’s Higgs Beach, located in Key West.

It includes improvements to Reynolds Street Pier, which extends about 400 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. The portion of the pier, which consists of a string of 1948 remnant pilings that extend 600 feet farther into the ocean, will not be disturbed.

The existing pedestrian pier deck that is made of slats will be replaced with an approved fiberglass reinforced plastic grating. There will be a safety railing and new pedestrian benches.

Two existing stairs made of aluminum and concrete that allow swimmers into deeper water on the leeward side of the pier are being replaced with new durable stairs.

The project also will include improvements and enhancement to a small area of the beach, including construction of a new shelter pavilion. The existing concrete sidewalk/ramp leading from the street to the pier will be renovated.  And, existing palm trees will be relocated and a new Royal Poinciana  will be added in the middle of the pedestrian plaza.

Monroe County’s Project Management Department is overseeing the project, which is part of grant by the Florida Department of Transportation to construct two scenic vistas at two County parks along the Overseas Heritage Trail System.

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The other scenic vista was completed during the summer at the Big Pine Key Community Park. It includes installation of wood framing, decking and railing system; interpretive sign panels; benches; LED solar lighting and viewing scopes to look out over the Gulf of Mexico. A new concrete approach path was built to connect to the existing pathway.

The project originally was scheduled for completion at the end of October, but the short delay is due to inclement weather or high winds and rain that prevent construction in that environment.

The construction is being done by Charley Toppino & Sons, Inc.

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