Oct 132017

Monroe County has completed a Preliminary Damage Assessment of residential structures in unincorporated Monroe County due to Hurricane Irma.

The Preliminary Damage Assessment results estimate the following:

  • 3,884 unaffected structures;
  • 10,009 affected structures (this can include just landscaping damage);
  • 2,739 minor affected structures;
  • 583 majorly affected structures; and
  • 675 destroyed structures

These preliminary damage assessments were done visually from the street. The information is provided to FEMA to help the federal agency implement FEMA Individual Assistance to the community.

These figures do NOT include assessments from the Keys’ five municipalities of Key West, Marathon, Islamorada, Key Colony Beach and Layton.

This also is NOT data the County has obtained from more detailed safety inspections, used for placarding buildings.  That data will be released at a later date. For the safety inspections, the County rechecks those structures designated as Major Damage or Destroyed for placarding.

Also, Substantial Damage Inspections related to flooding – which are separate from this Preliminary Damage Assessment – have just begun to take place in unincorporated Monroe County. These inspections are required by floodplain regulations as a condition of eligibility for County residents to participate in the federally subsidized National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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