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With the singular and notable exception of Board Chairman Griffiths, you set a new high (or is it low?) for posturing at [Tuesday’s] Board meeting regarding the HOB daycare financial fiasco. One definition of posturing is “to pretend to have or affect a particular attitude” and I thought that you did that exceptionally well. Apparently, your collective capacity to evade, avoid and obfuscate is without bounds. I thought that Board member Martin in particular demonstrated a capacity to bluster that exceeded your collective posturing.

You were presented with a very serious situation and it is clear that it is a situation with which you wish no part. According to Board member Dick: “They swept this whole thing under the rug all along.” So, who on the Board is holding up the rug while another member sweeps away? I see no difference in your behavior than that of the Superintendent and his minions.

Everyone, at least the School Board and the school administration, just wants this issue to go away. As Vice Chairman Dick is quoted as saying: “It happened a year ago. It is no longer happening.” Case closed; let’s move on. After all, we are only talking about $27,000+/-. It’s not as if we are talking about real money like the $413,000 that Monique Acevedo stole.

Maybe someone else, the State Attorney, the Auditor General’s office or perhaps your forensic auditor, will care enough to get to the heart of this matter. The public deserves better than what the Board, Chairman Griffiths notwithstanding, is doing.

Larry Murray

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  One Response to “Open Letter to the Monroe County School Board”

  1. The details of the extent of the cover up surrounding the purchase cards and the Acevedo scandal and so many school officials being involved speaks to how they handle things. What happened to Kathy Reitzel probably has something to do with this as well. Meaning there is clearly consequences to doing the right thing.

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