Feb 132015

by Alex Symington


Congratulations to Sheriff Rick Ramsay and his deputies on the 5.9 percent drop in crime in the areas of Monroe County under their jurisdiction. This may be anecdotal, but I haven’t heard of any of Sheriff Ramsay’s deputies involved in any questionable deaths of any civilians in their performance of their duties and yet crime is down. I may hear about something now, but again, they seem to be able to do their jobs of serving and protecting the citizens they are responsible for without killing them or permanently damaging brain function, as in the case of Matthew Shaun Murphy. Google it.

Sheriff Ramsay’s department personnel have not been video taped smothering “homeless” guys on the beach or anal cavity searching black men in public. Google it. I’m going with the idea that the MCSD didn’t do these things because they must have weeded out any mentally disturbed applicants for the job unlike Key West, which has allowed at least one or two into the KWPD. If Key West’s Chief Donie Lee is unwilling or unable to fire the psychopaths on his force, the Mayor, City Manager and the Commissioners need to do it for him.

In lieu of any action by any of our “leadership”, I pray the Citizen Review Board’s request for a Federal Department of Justice investigation will cull these creeps and if not jail them, move them along to other locals along with their damning files, so they will not be able to hurt anymore civilians in the name of the law.

Alex Symington

Key West

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 February 13, 2015  Posted by at 12:40 am Alex Symington, Issue #101, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

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    SO MUCH TO UNCOVER with HIM and the BOYS that do his DIRTY!

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