Aug 052016
Key West Poet Laureate Kirby Congdon (Photo by Richard Watherwax)

Key West Poet Laureate Kirby Congdon (Photo by Richard Watherwax)

by Kirby Congdon…….

A study in 1951, The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes by Iona and Peter Opie, revealed how the characters of our childhood originally mocked political figures when censorship was rampant. With free speech, current news and people’s names were abandoned as too plebeian as references in poetry since those references soon became dated.

Otherwise this writer would write a deathless poem honoring our presidential choices, inviting everyone to an enormous three-day block party in my backyard, there between the chicken coop and the woodshed. But instead I will just plead that all my readers just vote for you know who. Thank you.

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