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According to KWPD there was no Taser fired during the fatal arrest of Charles Eimers on Thanksgiving Day of last year. But after a few months of forensic clean-up and enhancement by the Eimers family’s legal team, Officer Lovette’s infamous taser recording speaks again and it’s not pretty:

Officer Lovette:  “Listen. I tased a motherf***er in custody today. I don’t care. I already called my PBA rep.”

Unknown person: “For what?”

Officer Lovette:  [unintelligible] when you kill someone PB is first. I already called.”

So, was Charles Eimers tased or not?

A printout of Lovette’s Taser useage history indicates that the particular Taser he was wearing that day was not fired during the arrest. However, the CAD Report [Computer-Aided-Dispatch] report [which records all radio communications involving officers and dispatch] indicates,

“SUSP TAZED…… AT 8:34:15”

Eimers cad suspect tazedThat appears to have been a communication by officer ‘P48’ which was the number assigned to Officer Wanciak at that time [the officer who a Southernmost Beach Café employee overheard stating, “He just killed that man.”

Interestingly enough, two hours later [but prior to Lovette’s Taser even being turned over to his supervisor for uploading] the CAD report shows an unidentified entry stating,


eimers cad subject not tazed

Yet when we cross reference the written CAD report with the audio recordings, neither of those communications are found. Was the audio file edited? Despite the fact that civil depositions and three law enforcement investigations are complete, no offer of explanation has been provided for these discrepancies.

The crucial part of Lovette’s Taser recording is also still mysteriously missing. Under oath, Lovette admitted that his Taser recording device was activated during the arrest and that there should be an up-close recording of the incident – including the moment when Eimers became unresponsive. Lovette’s Taser recording however begins only after Eimers has lost consciousness and has already been removed from the scene by EMS.

The new incriminating admission discovered this week is part of a two hour conversation Lovette inadvertently recorded after the fact when he met with family members and other officers. Until now, most of it was thought garbled beyond recognition.

“This is one more piece of the puzzle,” says Eimers family attorney Darren Horan.

Several civilian eyewitnesses have testified that they saw a Taser being used on Charles Eimers causing him to immediately go limp.

Southernmost Café employees Joelle Grassi, the hostess and Katie Ahern, a waitress, both said they witnessed an officer shocking Mr. Eimers with a Taser. William Barrow, a bartender, is heard in the newest bystander video discovered less than a month ago asking the Colombian vidoegrapher if he recorded the Tasing “tec-tec-tec-tec-tec…”. He also testified that a visiting New York police officer who was dining at the restaurant confronted officer Kathyann Wanciak about the “excessive tasing.”

But how could the Taser have been used without recording the deployment in the device’s firing history? Can a Taser’s firing history be tampered with?

“It totally depends on who is trying to do the tampering,” says an expert on computer security who asked to remain anonymous for the time being, “It might be difficult for the officer but easier for someone in the department’s offices who has access to software. There are no computers on the planet that can defend against someone who has both physical access and an adequate program. It’s pretty much game over.”



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