Jan 292016

Liz with Students: Addyson and Sienna

Ms. LizElizabeth Campbell, Mangrove Classroom Toddler Montessori Guide, has been nominated by her peers as teacher of the year. Elizabeth is originally from New Jersey but has called Key West her second home her whole life as a grandchild to Edward and Shirley Block. Elizabeth received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Boston University and her AMS Infant and Toddler Montessori teaching credentials from Village Training Center in Miami. Ms. Liz, as she is referred to at school, prides herself in providing a welcoming and warm experience for not only the toddlers in her care but for their families as a whole. “We are often more than not, a family’s first experience in a school setting and it is part of my job to help them fall in love with school and fall in love with Montessori as much as I have.” Ms Liz expressed how much this Key West community makes what she does even more enjoyable. “It takes a village to raise a toddler and this community at The Children’s School and at large knows how to come together and support each other in order to give children experiences they would not have anywhere else. That’s why I can’t stay away for too long. I always come back.” Liz met her military husband in Key West and although the government has moved them away twice, she has managed to find a way to move back and find her home away from home at Montessori Children’s School.

Liz was nominated by the staff for her hard work and for constantly sharing her positive ideas for the school and community. Staff and families appreciate her ability to provide an environment conducive to learning while still being fun. She is recognized for her knowledge, creativity, patience and dedication to her young students. Amy O’Connor, Executive Director, says that “Liz always comes to work with a positive and joyful demeanor. She shows tremendous dedication and love for her students, families and peers.” In addition to teaching Liz is also a Montessori consultant, writer and presenter.

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