Dec 152017

Monroe County’s oldest Trauma Star – of its three-helicopter ambulance fleet – was en route to Coral Shores High School for a trauma transport when it caught fire during landing at about 7 a.m. Friday. There were no injuries.

The patient on board was transported by ground ambulance to nearby Mariners Hospital, which is about a mile away. The patient was air lifted from there by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and transported to a mainland hospital.

The fire caused substantial damage to the 35-year-old aircraft, which had just undergone its complete annual maintenance as required by FAA.

The oldest Trauma Star is used as a backup. It was being used today because the second Trauma Star is not in service for routine maintenance. The second Trauma Star is expected to be back in service by Monday. The County’s newest Trauma Star is in service.

The incident will be investigated by FAA and Monroe County’s Trauma Star aviation division.

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  1. Somebody forget the engine oil?

  2. It’s was the “oldest” in years put in hours used. The two they just spent millions on buying, and setting up have more hours than the “oldest”.

  3. Am sure someone missed something and his ass will get a beating. Just be was no dearh

  4. It had just undergone maintenance. Want to bet that they forgot something big, like adequate lubrication? Hopefully the sheriff can collect from someplace other than the taxpayers on this one.

    Who is the fool just standing there?

    Nobody have a freaking FIRE Extingiusher? Probably could have been put out easily if promptly acted upon. How about a small storage unit right outside the landing zone with basic safety equipment? Am sure there is one inside the copter, but the pussy just standing there probably had no clue.

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