Monroe County Swimming Lessons

With the help of Dawn Tapscott, Certified ISR Master Instructor, Amaline, left, and Ari, right, successfully roll onto their backs to float, rest, and breathe.


For most of the year, Keys residents experience some of the best weather in our nation.  This means that more people here are getting into the water.  Swimming pools and the ocean are great ways to cool off.  Although playing, relaxing, and exercising in the water are enjoyable, water-related accidents can happen year-round.  Did you know, every year the State of Florida takes the number one spot for drowning deaths in the nation for children under the age of five? The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County encourages residents and visitors to be aware of the layers of protection that include supervision, barriers and preparedness.

Swimming lessons are offered by the following groups in Monroe County:

·         Marathon, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) survival swimming lessons: Sessions start on October 1, 2018. Visit or call 407 221-6062.  Courses are offered for children as young as 6 months of age.

·         Key West, Florida Keys Community College: Call (305) 809-3562

·         Islamorada, Founders Park: Call (305) 393-2513

·         Key Largo, Jacobs Aquatic Center: Call (305) 453-SWIM


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