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Students learn about birding and how to use binocculars.  Photo by George Gentry, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Students learn about birding and how to use binocculars.
Photo by George Gentry, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

by John Donnelly…….

Can individuals witness or study an identical event, and come away with an entirely different understanding as to what they just viewed? Can they have contrasting perspectives to what they just experienced?

Measurement, in classical physics, means evaluating a pre-existing definite event or state of an object. However, in quantum theory, objects do not possess a predetermined and definite state; rather, they are in superposition of every probable state simultaneously.

As in ‘human consciousness’, there is never a fixed or absolute interpretation of a person, place or thing. These individuals, events and phenomena are in essence given their meaning by the individual observer.

Enough said about the value and importance of sworn to, eye witness testimony, given under oath. It’s unreliable at best, and in many instances dangerous and lethal. Even with the scientific certainty of the aforementioned statement, some state attorney’s and investigators find it difficult not to listen to information rendered unto them, when it compliments their pre-ordained prejudices and biases. We all possess these human characteristics and tendencies. They only become toxic when we lie to ourselves about our bigotry; purporting to be something other than what we truly are.

Acting upon the impulse to realize ones’ ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ is a toxic undertaking with criminal implications, when incorporated into the decision making process of personnel involved within our system of justice.

Not everyone should be a police officer, teacher, school principal, lawyer, judge or state attorney. Fortunately or unfortunately, these individuals significantly impact our lives. In the performance of their duties, when they’re good, the effect they have upon on our lives is usually beneficial, however, when these professionals are negligent, incompetent or corrupt, the resulting consequences are frequently destructive, sometimes fatal.

These ‘guardians of the gate’ must be vetted, evaluated and discarded if they turn out to be rotten. Imperfect as we all are, they need not be destroyed when they’re just a little overripe; reprimands, censure and other types of discipline may be all that is necessary to correct their errant behavior. However, when their judgments are destructively corrupt and their actions affirm a blatant and wanton disregard of human life, there must be measures in place to hold such malefactors accountable.

In a civilized society most violations and breeches of the public trust can be remedied in a court of law. Even before that, many disagreements can be redressed and resolved via a reasoned appeal to officers of the court. Independent investigations compiling documents, videos, depositions and other supporting evidence are persuasive actions that have influenced the decisions made by a state attorney.

The ebb and flow of civilization becomes disrupted, confused and disorganized, when the integrity and credibility of those ‘in charge’ of maintaining our system of justice are called into question. Once the fabric of society is shredded, the subsequent unraveling is ugly and grotesque.

Political influence and bearing on matters of the law are a point of contention. My experience has pointed out that where there’s a will; there’s a way. Initially, upon venturing out and facing off against inequality and injustice, a plan of action is often incomplete. The specifics, tactics and strategies that will eventually be executed; are often unforeseen and undeveloped. They will emerge, evolve and fit together as the process unfolds.

Discovering that there are “Coincidences, Forces and a Power”; which will energize, guide and create solutions, where none were originally detected, is a manifestation of quantum theory. If this discovery process under all circumstances consistently replicates itself, it’s not a theory at all, it’s a scientific fact.

Advancing confidently towards the high calling residing within our consciousness will trigger an awakening, forever transforming the many habituated ‘mindsets’ that have perpetuated our suffering and bondage; releasing us from an over dependence upon the material world to provide us with guidance, wisdom and fulfillment.

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  3 Responses to “May The Force Be With You”

  1. John, Once again, a good read, one that flatters this publication. As one who is in the habit of giving my opinion, the pitfalls of trying to match your opinion to a preconceived, previously held notion is a problem that the “philosopher” must always be aware of. I try my best to keep such behavior at bay, but is anyone perfect in this sense? I’d say no, but as long as one is not protecting a self interest, then I think some facsimile of objectivity is possible. I try my best, as I know you do. Good stuff, Jerome

  2. Jerome,

    Always appreciate and value your comments. Accepting our imperfection, yet realizing at every moment in time; we are precise, exact and authentic renditions of the amassed composite of our lives; accurately and unassailably representing all that we are and have become, are the evolutionary states that we are free to create.

    In fact, right in this “Now”, I am a perfect image of this John Donnelly. It can be no other way. All of my thoughts, actions, feelings, understandings and experiences have gone into the explicit and definitive ‘Being’ that occupies this body.

    Blessings & Respect, Always…

  3. John, That is utterly … cool? yes, cool, as well as poetic. I have always liked to think of myself as the complete composite of everything that has led me to this exact moment in the now. Very cool, Jerome

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