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Many Thanks


Dear Editor,

I expect this will be an unusual email for you to receive as it’s from an ‘older’ person in England who can’t wait to open and read the Blue Paper every week!

Colin (my husband) first visited Key West in 2006 and because we instantly fell in love with the Island we’ve returned three times since. Once for two weeks and twice for three weeks in late May/early June, and each time it felt harder to leave.

However, since I retired we haven’t been able to afford the trip and miss the Island, the staff at the Ocean Key Resort, Mallory Square, Schooner Wharf Bar, the Tropic Cinema etc the warmth of the people, and the sun!

Each week reading the Blue Paper makes us feel closer to the Island. So much so that we’ve decided to start saving so we can return to Key West one more time to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in 2018.

With many thanks to the Blue Paper for keeping us in touch, and best wishes.

Patricia Wood

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