Freedom, the reason for America. People came here to escape. To be free from something. A document was created to insure that there was freedom. That document is under attack by individuals who want everyone to conform to their demands.

Political Correctness, the evil that is castrating America.

I, as in me, an individual, feel uncomfortable with the term “Founding Fathers”, as it is Gender Biased. The statue of a Confederate General in the town square makes me, as an individual, uncomfortable because it reminds me of slavery and must be removed because I said so.

There must be Exclusive spaces for me to escape from words and ideas that make me uncomfortable. The world Must change for me as an individual because I am ME. And if I don’t get my way I’ll picket, I’ll sue, I’ll creat such a disturbance that everyone will have to obey my demands.

Well toots get a life. The world does not revolve around you.

Who’s fault??

The judicial system for allowing this nonsense by pandering to all to those attorneys out to make a buck.

Is there any hope to bring America back?

No way. It’s too late.

Dr. Geno

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